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WannaBeatles Videos in Nashville
The WannaBeatles plays She Loves You
at the Nashville Library Courtyard in 2013
This is our own video, by Pat Adams from Tennessee Concerts
The Beatles tribute band The WannaBeatles perform the classic song
She Loves You during a lunch time courtyard concert at the downtown
Nashville Public Library on September 17, 2013. This was the third year
that The WannaBeatles have played the popular courtyard concerts.
The WannaBeatles Live! - "You Must See this Band!"
The WannaBeatles rocked the house on February 11th, 2011 at the Renaissance
Center in Dickson, TN. The show was delayed 2 days due to heavy snow storms, but
they still packed the place with Beatles fans and fans of great music. This was their
first show that collaborated Media with Live Music. Ed Sullivan introduced the band,
and The original Ed Sullivan performance could be seen above the band as they
played in sync with the visuals! Don't miss your next chance to see this band.
The WannaBeatles at the Nashville Library 2017
A Little Help From My Friends / A Day In The Life
Our own video by Tennessee Concerts Pat Adams
The WannaBeatles at the downtown Nashville Public Library Courtyard.
doing two songs from The Beatles Sgt Peppers album, A Little Help
From My Friends & A Day In The Life on October 31, 2017
The WannaBeatles by Pat Adams
This was my fourth time seeing The WannaBeatles.
It is always a fun show with great music and harmonies.
The weather was a beautiful fall Halloween day.
At this show, they went beyond the Beatle songs and
played music from the 1969 "Summer Of Love" including
San Fransisco, Light My Fire, I'm A Believer and others.
During their Beatles set, they did more of the later Beatles
songs, verses more early songs in past library concerts.
They did a Beatles rooftop (Let It Be) set, probably
because we were kind of on the roof. They did several songs
from the Sgt Peppers album. I was amazed at how good the
later Beatle songs sounded, with great sounding music and
harmonies. You can see it in our video below of A Little
Help From My Friends / A Day In The Life. Great songs.
The band members including Dennis Scott, Bryan Cumming,
Nathan Burbank and David Toledo are always very nice
guys.If you get a chance, go see The WannaBeatles.
And, check out some of these lunchtime
Library Courtyard concerts.
We had fun checking out the inside of the library
including a Ryman Auditorium exhibit and lots more.
A great day filled with great music. A fun time for all.
Check out out video's below, and four more WB pages.
Pat Adams from www.TennesseeConcerts.com
The WannaBeatles on October 31, 2017
Downtown Nashville Public Library Courtyard
Pictures by Pat Adams & Lavon Dubois - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
The WannaBeatles perform Norwegian Wood
at the Nashville Library in 2012
Our own video by Tennessee Concerts Entertainment Reporter Carol Alger
The WannaBeatles play Norwegian Wood during the Nashville Library Summer Concerts
at the downtown library courtyard on June 14, 2012. Video by Carol Alger from
The WannaBeatles by Lavon DuBois
WannaBeatles / Public Library Courtyard / Downtown Nashville
My friend wanted to go see the “WannaBeatles” at the
Nashville downtown Library. He is a major Beatle Fan, me not
so much. I mean I like them, but I like Santana as well.
I ask him what the cost was. He proceeded to tell me they
were doing a free lunch time concert at the “Courtyard” at
the Downtown Library. Free? Oh my goodness, is anything
“Free” these days? I said, “Okay, it might be pretty cool for
free, I’ll go.” Geez, I’m not sure if you have ever experienced
the “Courtyard” at our downtown library but this place is
awesomely beautiful and a perfect lunchtime venue!
It was basically packed with people of all ages!
People had come out and bought their lunch, some
even packed a picnic lunch. What a fabulous place!
The WannaBeatles played lots of Beatles songs and many
from the Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club! Their music was
smooth and they transitioned to the next song so perfectly!
They are an awesome bunch of guys with voices of songbirds.
Bryan Cumming on the horns and flute was simply amazing.
The lead singer, Dennis, has a voice of an angel!
Guys I don’t know about the Beatles but I know I’m a
WannaBeatle Fan now! I will pay any day to see you again!
You are FABULOUS! Keep bringing the music!
Thank you for a beautiful day!
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