The WannaBeatles
Summer Courtyard Concert Series on June 14, 2012
Downtown Nashville Public Library Courtyard
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Nashville's Fox 17 TV News features The WannaBeatles at the Nashville Library Courtyard
Aired on June 14, 2012 including our own Tennessee Concerts Entertainment Reporter Carol Alger
Photos & Text by Tennessee Concerts Entertainment Reporter Carol Alger
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The WannaBeatles - from Tennessee, USA has joined forces with fellow
tribute bands from across the globe to create a musical relay that will see
the music of The Fab Four once again enage people all over the world -
celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of 'From Me to You'.
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The WannaBeatles perform at the Nashville Public Library Summer Concert Series
I was so glad to be going to another of The WannaBeatles performances. Pat had to work, so I went with Pat's father Julian and stepmother Joanne to  
Nashville's downtown public library. The library staff was having a series of free summer 2012 concerts in the courtyard. Pat and I experienced The
WannaBeatles performance there the year before. Their shows only get better as time goes on. When we got to the courtyard Fox 17 Entertainment
Reporter Stacy McCloud was setting up to do a Music City Beat interview to feature The WannaBeatles. She also interviewed me. The segment aired
later that night on the news. See related link:

The WannaBeatles were the same 'FAB four' as usual. They had written the song, "Oh Betty" and created a contest to find a Betty White look-a-like.
Evelyn Ford won the contest and was present. She received a personal note from the WannaBeatles. In 2012 Betty White had beat them out of a
Grammy Award in the "Best Spoken Word Album" category. Betty White hand-held-fans were made available to some of the fans in the courtyard as
"Oh Betty" was performed. Evelyn was standing in with The WannaBeatles. Everyone was enjoying so many great Beatles songs, giving tribute to the
true fab four. My sister, Kathy had sent me a Beatles t-shirt with the Norwegian Wood design just days before the concert. The WannaBeatles
commented on it just before they played the beautiful version of Norwegian Wood (shown below), one of my top fav Beatles songs.

The library courtyard is always a great venue for the WannaBeatles and their fans to come together to share a wonderful tribute to the Beatles.
After the show photos were taken, autographs were signed and merchandise was sold, making for a very sunny day for everyone.

"Daydream Believer" was sung in memory of Monkee Davy Jones, who then had recently passed away. Live and Let Die was featured in the set list
as well. The WannaBeatles are a very unique and Nashville based Beatles tribute band who perform a wide range of Beatles songs using their own
variety of musical instruments and creating their own distinct magical sound.
The WannaBeatles Salute Betty White! Their story:
Band goes to The Grammys - Band loses to Betty White at The Grammys,
Band writes "The Betty White Song" -  If you can't beat her - sing to her!
Betty White look-a-like winner, Evelyn Ford
Fox 17 News Stacy McCloud with library spokesperson
The WannaBeatles with Julian & Joanne Adams
Tennessee Concerts Carol Alger with Stacy McCloud
Stacy McCloud interviews The WannaBeatles