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My Memories of Billy Crain by Pat Adams from Tennessee Concerts (this website)

Musician & songwriter Billy Crain has been playing in Nashville bands as long as I can remember.
I first heard of Billy Crain after seeing his band "Buckeye" in the '70's.
I saw Billy when he played Grey Ghost with the Henry Paul Band at Volunteer Jam IV in 1979.
I never got to see Billy with The Outlaws, since I only saw The Outlaws in their early days.
Billy Crain co-wrote Call It Love, a big hit for the country/rock band Poco.
I've seen the late Tommy Crain many many times (including the Volunteer Jam concerts).
On this night, Billy played Tommy's song with Tommy's gold-top Gibson Les Paul guitar.
That song being, Lonesome Boy From Dixie. A tribute to Tommy Crain & Taz DiGregorio.
See our video (below) of Billy Crain at this 40th Anniversary of the Volunteer Jam.
By Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts.com (this website)
1979: The Henry Paul Band performs Grey Ghost
at Volunteer Jam V, with a young Billy Crain on guitar
This song is a tribute to Ronnie VanZant from Lynyrd Skynyrd who died in the 1977
Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash, The Volunteer Jam was a yearly event at the time in
Nashville Tennessee hosted by  the Charlie Daniels Band. Henry Paul is the singer
for the southern rock band The Outlaws & the country band Blackhawk.
We were first to post this video on YouTube!
The late Tommy Crain performing "Franklin Limestone"
with the Charlie Daniels Band at Volunteer Jam IV.
Tommy Crain died on January 13, 2011 at the age of 59.
Billy Crain at the 40th Anniversary of the Volunteer Jam (2015)
CDB members Tommy Crain & Taz DiGregorio Remembered
by Charlie Daniels, the CDB, Billy Crain & host Storme Warren.
This is our own video, shot and edited by Pat Adams!
Volunteer Jam - Billy Crain & Friends
Including a Tribute to Tommy Crain & Taz DiGregorio
Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on August 12, 2015
Pictures by Pat Adams - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
The 40th Anniversary of the Volunteer Jam
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Very First Reunion with the late Taz DiGregorio
Relections by The Charlie Daniels Band
With the late Tommy Crain, Taz DiGregorio and the rest of the guys
Above: Billy Crain with the Charlie Daniels Band & Jack Pearson (Allman Brothers Band)
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