CMT Block Party
This was a pre-show
to the CMT Awards
Show. It was staged
live on Broadway
between First and
Second Avenue,
in front of the
Hard Rock Cafe
before the awards
show, alternating with
live shots from the
"red carpet " at
another venue
from Nashville's
Belmont College.
It was a great day for
a outdoor show. The
CMT trailer was there
giving out prizes and
The Hard Rock Cafe
had a concession
stand in the parking
I couldn't resist
having a hamburger
and beer. This was
more of a television
show, than a concert
Van Zant played last.
They played only two
but had the place
rocking during the
short time on stage.
They were the only
band to use the
runway, which
extended out beyond
the middle of the
stage. Unfortunately,
for Skynyrd fans,
their was no Freebird.
Johnny Van Zant
stopped for a minute
to greet a few people
from the crowd.
Nashville Area Concert Pictures
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Donnie VanZant, original
member of
38 Special
Johnny VanZant, singer for
Lynyrd Skynyrd since 1987
Johnny VanZant backstage,
after the show
A live television
broadcast on
featuring a pre-show
concert to the
CMT Music
with Jason Aldean,
Little Big Town
Van Zant
Van Zant songs include: Get Right With The Man, I'm Doin Alright, and Help Somebody
CMT Host
Lance Smith
April 10, 2006 :  Nashville, TN
VanZant at a CMT Block Party
This was a part of the CMT Music Awards Pre-Show
Pictures by Pat Adams from Tennessee Concerts
Lynyrd Skynyrd
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CMT Awards Block Party
in downtown Nashville TN
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