Tim Wilson
Born August 5, 1961
in Columbus Georgia

A Georgia born
"redneck" comedian
who often
supplements his
stand up routine with
humorous original
songs. His trademarks
are a Texas-style
baritone drawl and
frequently picking out
hilarious ditties on his
guitar. He has
released a number of
comedy albums and
makes freguent
appearances on the
"John Boy and Billy"
and "The Bob & Tom
Show" nationally
syndicated morning
radio shows,

Songs Include:
Garth Brooks
Ruined My Life
Chucky Cheese Hell
First Baptist
Bar & Grill
Mama Was A Hit Man

Tim Wilson frequently
appears at Zanies
in Nashville
A personalized
autographed copy
of CD Tim Wilson's
Greatest Hits CD
Submitted by
Dave Hofer II
Ticket Stub from
Tim Wilson show
Tim Wilson
November 19, 2004:  Nashville, Tennessee
* Zanies Comedy Club *
Pictures by: Pat Adams
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