1981: New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Ticket Price $18.50. This concert set an
attendance record for the "largest indoor concert
ever held" at the time (My 2nd time Stones
Click on Ticket to Enlarge
Known as "The Worlds Greatest Rock & Roll Band", the Rolling Stones concert began at 7:00 with opening acts the
Dorothy Norwood singers and Stevie Wonder. The Stones took the stage soon afterwards, beginning the show with
their latest hit "Brown Sugar". They continued to play the hits until 10:00, with Street Fighting Man, being the last song, and
no encore. This concert was unlike any concert that I had attended at the time, with an exceptional stage and light show.
They did however, decide not to play the early 60's hits on this tour, including their biggest hit "Satisfaction"
Opening act Stevie Wonder, put on a great show, at the
Municipal Auditorium, playing many different instruments
1972: Rolling Stones in Nashville
Ticket Price $6.50
England's Rolling Stones
Leave Lasting Impression
On Nashville
The long-awaited concert by England's
No. 1 rock group, the
Rolling Stones,
is over now, but the memory of their
Nashville visit is sure to live.
More than 9,600 persons jammed
Municipal Auditorium Thursday
night to watch the group, lead by
gravel-voiced Mick Jagger, perfom for
90 minutes proceeded by soul singer
Stevie Wonder and the Dorothy
Norwood singers
. The Stones, as
they are affectionately know, sent out
for three "barrels" of Kentucky Fried
Chicken before bouncing on stage and
causing the audience to stand on their
chairs. A tidal wave of shouting erupted
Mick Jagger was suddenly
jumping up and down like a jumping
jack. Without delay the band struck up.
And there's no denying it was the
raunchiest, flashiest, most exciting rock
and roll band in the country. The sound
was deafening but apparently delightful.
Jagger gyrated throughout the show
dressed in a one-piece membrane-thin
silk jump suit, white shoes, lavender
sash, and a denim jacket. He kicked it
off with one of their most popular songs
"Brown Sugar" and the crowd didn't sit
down until the show was over at 10
Metro Police officers were on
hand, at least 100 strong, and they had
their share of headaches.  Several
incidents occurred during the show.
One young girl, who was unidentified,
apparently took an overdose of
something and passed out on the Fifth
Avenue North sidewalk minutes before
the show began. She was admitted to
General Hospital. Traffic Sgt. Gane
Bryant was attempting to make his way
through the smoke filled auditorium
when he said he felt someone grab for
his pistol. "I looked down and my gun
holster was unbuckled." Patrolman Joe
Hays said he had to stop one teen-ager
with a flying tackle after the youth had
kicked open a side entrance door and
let four of his friends inside. Hays said
he chased the youth up three ramps in
the auditorium and finally grabbed him
and tossed him out. More than 200
persons showed up at the auditorium
expecting to see the performance, but
were refused admittance when it was
learned they had purchased counterfeit
tickets. As it turned out, the tickets
were printed for the same seats and
everyone had bought seat number
D-E3-5. "It is a shame," said
Joe Sullivan, head of Sound 70
, which brought the show
to town. "They came here from all over,
but we cannot let them in." Sullivan said
most of the phony tickets originated in
Louisville, Russellville, and Bowling
Green Kentucky. Members the press
were prohibited by
the Rolling Stones
private security force
, from interviewing
the stars, taking pictures, or being
within 50 feet of the stage.
Band Members:
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Bill Wyman
Charlie Watts
Brian Jones

Mick Taylor (pictured)
took Brian Jones place.
Later, Ron Wood took
Mick Taylor's place

Brian Jones:
(not pictured)
On July 3, 1969
original guitarist
Brian Jones was
found dead in his
swimming pool
Ron Wood:
Former Face guitarist
Ron Wood joined the
Stones in 1976
Bill Wyman:
Bass player
Bill Wyman quit the
band in 1992
The Stones have
played in Nashville
two times, since.
They played at
Vanderbilt Stadium
in 1990s and
the Gaylord
Entertainment Center
in 2002,
and continue
to tour
The Rolling Stones
Formed 1962
London England

Hit Songs:
Under My Thumb
Get Off Of My Cloud
Time Is On My Side
19th Nervous
As Tears Go By
Wild Horses
Under My Thumb
Ruby Tuesday
Jumping Jack Flash
Honky Tonk Women
Sympathy for The Devil
Beast Of Burden
Start Me Up
It's Only Rock & Roll
Waiting On A Friend
Emotional Rescue
Fool To Cry
She's A Rainbow
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Nashville Tennessee
The Rolling Stones in 1972
Left to Right: Mick Taylor, Mick Jagger,
Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman
on June 29, 1972
"One of my all-time favorite concerts".
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The Rolling Stones in Nashville
1972 at the Municipal Auditorium
Stevie Wonder
Born May 13, 1950
Saginaw Michigan
Pictures taken Pat Adams except for the black & white
picture which was taken by a professional photographer
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