Tanya Tucker

Born Oct.10, 1958
in Seminole Texas

Tanya Tucker started
singing at a very early age.
Her parents helped to
promote the singer,
relocating to different cities
several times.
In 1972 producer Billy Sherill
signed Tucker to Columbia
Records in Nashville,
although she disliked his
choice of song
(The Happiest Girl In The
Whole USA), later a hit for
Donna Fargo. Subsequently
she reached the top ten with
Delta Dawn. Many other hits
followed. A young Tucker
quickly became a country
star. She later found herself
in the gossip columns as a
result of her stormy
relationship with Glen
She had many number one
records over the years, and
continues to live in the
Nashville Tennessee area.

Hit Songs:
Delta Dawn
What's Your
Mama's Name
Here's Some Love
Blood Red &
Goin' Down
Just Another Love
Would You  
Lay With Me
If It Don't Come Easy
Two Sparrow
In A Hurricane
Strong Enough
To Bend
Down To My
Last Teardrop
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A Tanya Tucker Nashville
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Tanya Tucker
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