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I got a call on Wednesday October 17, 2007 from a friend that had an extra ticket to see the
seventies rock band Styx. I had listened to Styx over the years, but had never seen the band
live, since I was not a huge fan. I decided I would go see Styx and take some pictures for my
Nashville concert pictures web site. Besides, this show was at the Wildhorse Saloon in
downtown Nashville, a great venue to see classic rock and country music concerts. I will have
to admit this was a great show, and Styx made a fan out of me. Tommy Shaw rocked,
performing many of the songs he wrote and sang with the band. James Young, a crowd
favorite, also sang and played excellent guitar. Original bass player Chuck Panozzo came out
and played with the band, a nice treat for Styx fans. Current bass player Ricky Phillips also did
a good job on bass. Lawrence Gowan played and sung the Dennis DeYoung as good as
Dennis, himself. They didn't dwell on playing the DeYoung songs, only throwing in one here
and there, which was cool with me, since DeYoung is no longer with the band. Plus, their is
plenty of Tommy Shaw tunes to go around. Last but not least, is
Todd Sucherman (the drummer). What a drummer, he was hot.
This was an excellent show, and I would not hesitate to go see Styx again.
Pat Adams from
Styx at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville Tennessee on October 17, 2007
Guitarist & Singer Tommy Shaw
Guitarist & Singer James Young, also known as JY
Original Bass Player Chuck Panozzo
Keyboardist & Singer Lawrence Gowan
Drummer Todd Sucherman
Bassist Ricky Phillips
Songs included Renegade, Too Much Time On My Hands, Crystal Ball, Fooling Yourself,
The Grand Illusion, Lady, Come Sail Away, Babe, and many other hit songs
A great show comes to an end, after several encore's
WILDHORSE SALOON: The main bar. The crowd at the Styx show
Styx Poster from this show. Styx Merchandise for sale. Pictures by Pat Adams
Styx Concert Review
Styx - Fooling Yourself
Wildhorse Saloon on 09/17/2007
Styx at the Wildhorse Saloon Videos
Styx - Come Sail Away
Nashville's  Wildhorse Saloon