Skeeter Davis:
Born Dec. 30, 1931
Died Sept. 19, 2004
Dry Ridge, Kentucky
60's Pop Music:
Skeeter Davis had
a great love for
60s pop music.
Her song
"End Of The
World" was
recorded by
Hermans Hermits.
It was
Skeeter Davis
that took up for
The Byrds
after a harsh
reception from a
Grand Ole Opry
crowd in the 1960's

Nashville & Opry:
Skeeter Davis
moved to Nashville
in 1959, and joined
the Grand Ole
Opry in 1960.
She married
WSM air personality
Ralph Emery,
but that marriage
ended in 1964
A younger
Skeeter  Davis
with pop singer
Stevie Wonder
in the 1970's
at the
Grand Ole Opry
A rare picture of
Skeeter Davis and
Stevie Wonder
at the Grand Ole
Opry in Nashville TN.
This picture came
from the estate of
Grand Ole Opry
star Skeeter Davis
An early picture
of Skeeter Davis
at the
Grand Ole Opry
in the
1960's or 1970's
Another item from
the Skeeter Davis
estate. An old
Skeeter Davis
card from
High Harmony
in Nashville
Skeeter Davis
February, 1998:  Nashville Tennessee
* Grand Ole Opry House *
Carol Lee Singers with Grand Ole Opry Star Skeeter Davis
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