Shania Twain
Born August 28, 1965
Eileen Regina Edwards
Windsor Ontario Canada

Songs Include:
Man, I Feel Like A Woman
Whose Bed Have Your
Boots Been Under?
The Woman In Me
(If You Not In It For Love)
I'm Outta Here!
God Bless The Child
From This Moment
Party For Two

Shania In Concert:
Although, I did not take
the pictures shown on
this page,
I did go to a Shania Twain
concert in 1998 at the
Gaylord Entertainment
Center in Nashville.
It was the best country
music concert that I have
ever been to (although I
have only been to a few).
Shania was full of
energy, very talented,
a great singer and
very pretty
Click on Ticket To Enlarge
My Shania Twain
ticket stub from
her concert on
September 25, 1998
In 1991 Shania moved to
Nashville. for a music
She met rock music
producer Robert (Mutt)
Lange in Nashville, after
he contacted her. They
fell in love and the
couple married in
December of 1993.

When Shania was twenty
one, her parents (mother
& stepfather) were killed
in  a car accident. She
became legal guardian
of her two half brothers &

Shania Twain DVD's
The Woman In Me
The Complete
Woman in Me
VH1's Behind The Music
Shania Twain Live
Platinum Collection
Up! Live In Chicago
Come On Over Video
Up Close & Personal
The Tennessean
newspaper front page
story, covering Shania
Twain's appearance on
Good Morning America,
from Broadway in
Nashville. The caption
reads "Shania rouses
Broadway Crowd"
A candid picture
of Shania Twain
in Nashville
Shania Twain
November 5, 2004:  Nashville, Tennessee
*  ABC-TV's Good Morning America downtown *
Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Shania Twain on ABC-TV Good Morning America
as she performs "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" live from
Nashville Tennessee in 2004 (as shown in pictures above)
Footage of Shania Twain live at Fan Fair in Nashville (1996).
Shania sings a selection of songs from her "
The Woman In Me"
album, at what appears to be the Nashville's
Wildhorse Saloon
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