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Roy Acuff
Born Sept.15, 1903
Died Nov. 23, 1992

Roy Acuff's recording
career started in the
mid 1930's.
He became a regular
on Nashville's
Grand Ole Opry
in 1938, forming a
backup band called
Smoky Mountain
Boys, led by friend
and Dobro player
Bashful Brother
Oswald. Acuff had
several singles in
the 1940's. He later
formed a music
venture with
songwriter Fred Rose.
Hank Williams,
the Everly Brothers,
and Roy Orbison,
aomong others, all
initially signed with
Acuff-Rose Music.
Acuff ran
unsuccessfully for
Govenor in 1948
as a republican.
He spent most of
the 1960's touring,
becoming one of the
hottest tickets in
country music.
By the 1970's Acuff
performed almost
exclusively with the
Grand Ole Opry,
and at Opryland USA.
In 1962, Acuff was
inducted to the
Country Music Hall
Of Fame. For his
Roy Acuff has a star
on the Hollywood
Walk Of Fame.
Nashville Banner
newspaper with the
death of
Roy Acuff,  
reads "
Music legend
Roy Acuff Dies
Subtitles include
King of Country
was 89
" and
Stars huge influence
". This was the
afternoon newspaper,
on the day Roy Acuff
died on Nov. 23, 1992
Minnie Pearl
Born Oct. 25, 1912
in Centerville, TN
Died March 4,1996

Minnie Pearl was a
country comedian
who appeared
frequently on the
Grand Ole Opry,
and on the television
show Hee Haw
from 1970-1991.
She was known for
wearing a big hat
with a price tag
($1.98) hanging
off the side.  She
once tried her hand
at fried chicken, with
a chain of
"Minnie Pearl's
Fried Chicken"
Her trademark
opening was always
"Howdeee". She
called her hometown
"Grinders Switch" a
real town, close to
Minnie Pearl lived
next door to the
Governor's Mansion,
housing the  
Governor of the
State Of Tennessee.
The Minnie Pearl
Cancer Foundation
has been funded in
her memory named
the "Sarah Cannon
Cancer Center".
Her death at the age
of 83 was brought
on by complications
due to a stroke.
Poster image
from the hall's of
the Ryman
1996 articles
related to the
death of
Minnie Pearl
in Nashville.

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Nashville, Tennessee
Roy Acuff &
Minnie Pearl
* Grand Ole Opry *
Minnie Pearl makes an unscheduled appearance
at the Grand Ole Opry, to see her friend
Roy Acuff
A statue of Roy Acuff & Minnie Pearl in the Ryman Auditorium
Minnie Pearl at Fan Fair in the 80's (or 90's)
Backstage with : Roy Acuff and Bashful Brother Oswald
Roy Acuff songs include: The Great Specked Bird, The Wreck On The
, Beneath That Lonely Mound Of Clay, The Precious Jewel,
Walbash Cannonball & Tennessee Waltz.
Roy Acuff became a fixture at the Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland USA
Theme Park. He actually lived in the Opryland Theme Park before his death.
I (Pat), ran into Roy Acuff at Rivergate Mall about a year (or so) before he
died. As he drank a cup of coffee in the food court, we discussed
Charlie Daniels and the Volunteer Jam. I had seen Roy Acuff at a couple
of previous Volunteer Jam concert's in Nashville.  He was a very nice guy.
A picture of Roy Acuff and his band on
the Grand Ole Opry in the '60's or '70's
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Minnie Pearl
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