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Roger Waters Videos in Nashville
Roger Waters - Wish You Were Here - 8/13/17 - Nashville,TN
Roger Waters - Money - Nashville Tennessee - 8/13/2017
Roger Waters - Us & Them - Nashville TN - 8/13/2017
Roger Waters (from Pink Floyd)
The Bridgestone Arena - Nashville TN - 8/13/2017
Pictures by Katie Lovering - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Roger Waters - Another Brick in the Wall - Nashville TN
Photographer Katie Lovering: "I love Pink Floyd music, saw them for free when I lived in Boston during the 80's.
When I heard Roger was coming I just had to go. And I was not sorry.  He is still amazing".
1994: I saw Pink Floyd in Nashville without Roger Waters
at Nashville's Vanderbilt Stadium (Dudley Field)
Roger Waters - Brain Damage / Eclipse - Nashville TN