Porter Wagoner:
Born Aug. 12, 1927
Died  Oct. 28, 2007
Howell County, MO

Porter Wagoner
is from the
Ozark Mountains.
Famous for his
flashy suits and
blonde pompadour,
Porter Wagoner
introduced a young
Dolly Parton on his
long running
television show, and
together they were a
successful duet for
a number of years.
The Porter
Wagoner Show
ran on syndicated
television for
nineteen years,
from 1960-1979.
Porter and Dolly
13 duet albums,
& 14 top ten hits.
Dolly Parton left
the show in the
Wagoner had 81
charted records,
and won 3 Grammy
Awards for Gospel
Recordings. He
was elected to the
Country Music Hall
Of Fame in 2002.
He appeared in the
Clint Eastwood film
"Honkytonk Man".
In 2007, Porter
Wagoner released
Wagonmaster, an
album with the help of
Marty Stuart.
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2000 at the Grand Ole Opry House:
Porter Wagoner pictured here at the
75th Anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry
in Nashville Tennessee
Sunday October 28, 2007
Porter Wagoner dies of cancer
Porter Wagoner starred on the Grand Ole Opry for 50 years
and was a member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame
Our thoughts go out to my childhood classmate Denise, and her family
newspaper on
October 29, 2007

The day
Wagoner died

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Daughter Denise:

I grew up down
the road from
Porter Wagoner's
daughters. I went to
school with his
daughter Denise

Denise later, was
a back-up singer
for Porter Wagoner
in the 1980's
Porter Wagoner's daughter
and 1980's back-up singer
Denise Wagoner
Grand Ole Opry
in the 1980's
Porter Wagoner's
and myself
Pat Adams
from Tennessee
pose for a
6th grade school
class picture,
in Nashville
Porter Wagoner Dies
Text from an article in the News Herald - November 1, 2007
The neighborhood newspaper in Porter's neighborhood
Grand Ole Opry legend Porter Wagoner passed away October 28
at 8:25pm at Alive Hospice in Nashville.  
Wagoner, 80 years old, had recently been diagnosed with lung
cancer. He is survived by three children, Richard, Debra and
Denise. "The Grand Ole Opry family is deeply saddened by the
news of the passing of our dear friend. Porter Wagoner. His
passion for the Opry and all of country music was truly
immeasureable. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at
this difficult time," says Pete Fisher, vice president and general
manager of the Grand Ole Opry.
On May 19, the Opry honored Wagoner for his 50 years as an
Opry member and celebrated with him the acclaim of what would
be his final recording project - Wagonmaster, produced by his
friend and fellow Opry star Marty Stuart.