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Visiting the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash Sight
on the 40th Anniversary of the Plane Crash
Survivors & Rescuers Come Together on October 20, 2017
Pictures from the 40th Anniversary in 2017. And, we have added a picture from the 41st Anniversary in 2018
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Tribute Menu
The Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash site
on the 40th Anniversary
(and 41st)
USA Today Newspaper Covered the 40th Anniversary
The late
Steve Gaines,
Dean Kilpatrick.
Ronnie VanZant
& Cassie Gaines
Lynyrd Skynyrd Survivors & Rescuers
Return to the Crash site after 40 years  
This is My visit to Gillsburg Mississippi With Marc Frank,survivor, Drum Tech. To meet with
3 of the First responders to The plane crash as well as Mark Howard ,Lynyrd Skynyrd's
light Tech who was also on the plane with Marc that night Oct. 20 1977.
I am Still blown away by the opportunity to be there on the day 40 years later. It was such
an Honor as well a blessing to witness such an even that played such a big part of
Rock & Roll History. I'll never forget my First trip to Mississippi EVER, and you can put
money on that. There was so much love and comfort abound in Gillsburg that sunny
afternoon. Many thanks to Everyone who came by to spend this special day together.
To the first respondents, it was such an honor to meet local Mississippi Heroes who acted
without a second thought and helped those you could. Really and truly, Thank you for a bit
of restoring my faith in Humanity.
Video by our friend Julian Haney
Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash Radio Report
on the evening of October 20, 1977
1979: Lynyrd Skynyrd back on stage again
after the plane crash doing Freebird (instrumental)
w/ members of the Charlie Daniels Band in Nashville
Members of the CDB and Lynyrd Skynyrd perform an instrumental of the Skynyrd anthem,
"Free Bird" at Volunteer Jam V at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN on January 13, 1979.
The Jam was the first time the surviving members of Skynyrd had performed
together since before the tragic crash that claimed the lives of both pilots,
guitarist Steve Gaines and his sister (and Honkette) Cassie, roadie Dean Kilpatrick  
Julian Haney  
See Julian's video
from this day (below)
Remnants of the plane found
The Tribute Tree
Many people that
comes here, signs the tree
Survivors, first responders and Lynyrd Skynyrd  fans
walk at the spot where the plane crashed in 1977.
Crash survivor
MarK Howard
carves on the tree
Dwain Easley (rescuer), Marc B. Frank (survivor),
Mark Howard (survivor) and Jamie D. Wall (rescuer)
talk about the night of the tragic plane crash
Brenda Martin (ex-wife of Johnny Mote) & Family
with Marc Frank (plane crash survivor)
Mark Howard displays
a commemorative
Lynyrd Skynyrd bottle of
Jack Daniels Whiskey that
he still has, given to
the crew on that 1977 tour
Mark Howard's display
of Lynyrd Skynyrd items
related to the tour & crash
Menalia & Andre came all
the way from Tuscani Italy
to be here on this day.
Others, came from England
The area of the plane crash
Mark Howard with people that showed
up on their way to a Halloween party
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Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash
Site Draws A Pilgrimage
The site of the 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd tour plane crash has drawn
visitors over the years. Tuesday October 20, 2015 marked the 38th
Anniversary and drew several veterans from the night of the crash
Survivors of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Fatal
Plane Crash  on 41st Anniversary
Hear the survivors and rescuers of the fatal Lynyrd Skynyrd Band
Plane Crash Relive the scariest moments of their lives.
Marc Frank carves
on the plane
crash sight tribute tree
Mark Howard, Dwain Easley and Marc Frank
Survivor Marc B. Frank Plane Crash Interview
Marc B. Frank of Spartanburg, one of Lynyrd's Skynyrd's road crew was on the
plane and one of the 20 survivors, he talked a few years ago about his story:
And, it mentions our Tennessee Concerts website for more info. (at the bottom of page).
From Spartanburg South Carolina's Classic Rock Radio 101.1
2018 Update - 41st Anniversary:
Survivors & Rescuers come together again at 41st Anniversary
Top: Marc B Frank (crash survivor), Colbi Rosenthal (fan), Gene Odom (crash survivor & Lynyrd Skynyrd
book author), Dwain Easley (rescuer), Mark Howard (survivor ), Julian Sweets Haney (videographer)
and Brenda Martin (Johnny Mote's ex-wife/survivors went to the Mote's house after the plane crash).
Bottom: Bobby McDaniel (rescuer) and Jamie D Wall (rescuer). This was taken on October 20, 2018.
These pictures were taken at Lynyrd Skynyrd's last concert. Click Picture to Enlarge
Our "Lynyrd Skynyrd & The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash" Facebook page
Link: www.facebook.com/lynyrdskynyrdplanecrash
Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash & Beyond
The Original Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesdays Gone
Recorded March 7, 1976 - Winterland - San Fransisco, CA
On October 20, 2017, plane survivors, first responders & fans
came together at the sight of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash
See YouTube Videos & other Media below!
We have been informed that people can no longer access the actual plane crash sight