Pink Floyd
Formed 1965
London, England

Band Members:
David Gilmour
Richard Wright
Nick Mason

41,000 fans
packed into
Vanderbilt Stadium
to see  Pink Floyd.
They experienced
a once in a lifetime
event in Nashville
The latest in lasers,
lights, sound,  &
pyrotechnics. I just
happened to be one

of these lucky people.
The Pink Floyd
concert was one of
the biggest concerts
ever held
in Nashville.
The sound was
unbelievable with
huge speakers at
the top of the stadium

on all four sides
creating a quad effect.
The stage effects and
lighting were great.

This was one of the
best concerts I have
ever attended

Songs Include:
Us And Them
Dark Side Of The Moon
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You  
Crazy Diamond
Hey You
Comfortably Numb
Another Brick In The Wall
Learning To Fly

With the release of 1973's
Dark SideOf The Moon,
Pink Floyd went from a
moderately successful
acid-rock band to one

of pop music's biggest
acts. The recording, in
fact, remained on
Billboards Top 200 album
chart longer than any other
release in history. Along

with 1979's The Wall, it
established the band as
purveyors of a distinctively
dark vision. Experimenting
with concept albums and
studio technology and
breaking free of

conventional pop song
Pink Floyd
prefigured the progressive
rock of the 1970's and the
ambient music of the

1980's and 1990's.

Syd Barrett left
Pink Floyd in 1969.
Roger Waters left
the band in 1984
and has a solo career.
Pink Floyd
May 8, 1994 :  Nashville Tennessee
* Vanderbilt University Stadium *
The Pink Floyd concert could be heard for miles
Neighbors complained the concert was too loud.
I talked to people that could hear this concert
as far away as Green Hills, several miles away
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Pink Floyd
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