Early Phil Vasser:
I used to go see a
longhaired Phil Vasser  
when he was a Nashville
lounge act in the 1990's.
At that time, he played no
country music.
He sung, he played
keyboards with electronic
drums and other sounds
in basically what would be
a "one man band",
(although his
brother-in-law played
guitar on Friday nights).
The songs performed
included Billy Joel, Hall &
Oates, Elton John and
Guns & Roses. Vasser
played as a regular act at
Old Charleys on Thursday
nights, the
on Friday nights, and
other Hickory Hollow Bars
(in Nashville) including
playing at the
Holiday Inn.
He eventually got a record
contract, made it big as a
country singer and
songwriter, and left the
Nashville bar scene.
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The Courtyard
Cafe and
Old Charleys
at Hickory Hollow
Mall in Nashville
Phil Vasser
Nashville, Tennessee
CMA Music Festival
Fan Fair - June 2000