Peter Frampton
April 22, 1950
Born in Beckenham

Songs Include:
I'm In You
I Can't Stand It No More
Putting My Heart On
The Line
Signed Sealed Delivered

Songs from:
Frampton Comes
Something's Happening
Doobie Wah
Show Me The Way
It's A Plain Shame
All I Want To Be
Wind Of Change
Baby I Love Your Way
I Want To Go To The Sun
Penny For Your Thoughts
(I'll Give You) Money
Shine On
Jumping Jack Flash
Lines On My Face
Do You Feel Like We Do

Frampton Comes
Sold over six million
copies and was
briefly among the top
ten best selling
albums ever. It is also
one of the best
selling live albums of
all time.

Frampton was in
the British band
Humble Pie

Peter Frampton
who now lives in
Cincinnati Ohio,
lived in the Nashville
area for many years,
and was often seen
in restaurants
in Nashville and

Frampton starred
with the Bee Gees in
Sargent Peppers
Lonely Hearts Club
in the 1980's.

Toured with Ringo:
Peter Frampton
toured with Ringo
Starr's All-Starr Band
and did session work
on George Harrison's
"All Things Must Pass"

Hits and Touring:
In 1976, after having
three major hits with
"Show Me The Way",
"Baby, I Love Your
Way" and "Do You
Feel Like We Do"
Frampton grossed
nearly $70 Million in
concert fee's and
This years
(2004) show
was not near
as loud as last
years (2003)
Last year, after
Ted Nugent's
Gibson NAMM
appearance, my
ears rang
for days
Others making an
appearance at this
show were:
Johnny A who
performed a set,
Les Paul made
a brief appearance
Gibson Custom Shop
in Nashville Tennessee
My friend Marcy Runge
and Peter Frampton
at Emerald Studio
in Nashville
in the late '90's
Peter Frampton
2004 :  Nashville, Tennessee
* Gibson NAMM Show *
Peter Frampton performs at the
Gibson Guitar NAMM Show
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A former Nashville resident, Frampton states "I used to come over to Gibson for lunch"
Pictures by Pat Adams
This show was held at
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