Paul Revere & The Raiders
Paul Revere & The Raiders Formed 1960 in Portland Oregon
Later Raiders: Omar Matinez, Ron Foos, Doug Heath, Robert Wooley
Darrin Medley: Newest member (2005) is the son of Righteous Brothers Bill Medley
Early Raiders: Mark Lindsay, Phil "Fang" Volk, Mike "Smitty" Smith, Drake Levin, Jim "Harpo" Valley
Joe Correro Jr, Charlie  Coe, Freddy Weller, Keith Allison
Success: Paul Revere and the Raiders emerged from the rock & roll scene of the Northwest to become
national pop successes, trading on the enormous teenybopper appeal of ponytailed lead singer Mark
Lindsay (not pictured)
Songs Include: Steppin' Out, Just Like Me, Kicks, Hungry, Good Thing, Ups And Downs, Him Or Me, Too
Much Talk, I Had A Dream, Don't Take It So Hard, Mr Sun Mr Moon, Cinderella Sunshine, Let Me, We Gotta
All Get Together.
Hits Songs: Paul Revere & the Raiders had 25 consecutive hits on the Billboard charts
Cherokee People: Their 1971 hit record "Indian Reservation" sold nearly 4 million singles, making it the
biggest selling record for Columbia Records in ten years Mark Lindsay: In 1969, lead singer Mark Lindsay
began to make solo albums in addition to his work with the Raiders.
Both enjoyed success early in the seventies. Lindsey left the Raiders in the mid seventies.  
His songs include: Arizona, Silver Bird, Miss America & The Grass Don't Pay No Mind
First Rock Band: Paul Revere & The Raiders were the first rock group to be signed with Columbia Records
TV Shows:
1965-66 they were featured on the Dick Clark TV show "Where The Action Is". A weekday show, they
appeared 520 times.Paul Revere & Mark Lindsay were host of "It's Happening" & "Happening" TV shows in
the late 60s
COOL RAIDERS LINKS: Paul Revere's Website   Phil " Fang" Volk's Websight. Great Pictures and Stories of his days as an
Raider, plus his days w/ Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band (picture from the Johnny Cash Show)
Paul Revere
and & Raiders
play their hits, plus
classic oldies from
the new CD "Ride
The Wall", dedicated
to all American men
and woman who
served in the
Vietnam War
* Tennessee State Fair *
September 11, 2002 :  Nashville, Tennessee
Pictures By: Debbie Shepard & Pat Adams
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