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Autograph session at the Country Music Hall Of Fame includes many of the artists that
played on this CD set. Our Photographer
Dean Wainscott talks with Bobby Hebb and
Johnny Jones
.  Bobby Hebb autographs my "Night Train To Nashville" souvenirs
Photograph's by Dean Wainscott and Pat Adams (text by Pat)
Artists attending this event
included solo artists
and members from
many of the bands
included on
The Night Train To Nashville
CD's, Book & Poster :
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Legendary Nashville guitarist Johnny Jones
played on the "Night Train" TV Show on WLAC-TV in the 1960's
The backup singers
Charles "Wigg" Walker
Buzz Cason. a major Nashville music
co-wrote the classic hit song
Everlasting Love (with
Mac Gayden)
Hal Hardy
of the
Bobby Hebb is introduced
Bobby Hebb sings his
classic hit song "Sunny"
Sunny has been recorded by over
500 people including Frank Sinatra
In the 1960's, Jimi Hendrix played in
Marian James band while living in
Nashville. Guitarist
Billy Cox was also in
her band. Cox would later become a
member of Hendrix "Band Of Gypsies"
Marian James
Earl Gaines
Sandra King
Buzz Cason sings "Soldier Of Love". I asked Buzz, when he
found out The Beatles had recorded Soldier Of Love,
and he told me he found out in 1980. It was released on
The Beatles 1994 "Live At The BBC" Album set
Our old friend George Yates (middle) from the
signs autograph's after the show.
He supplied the only "live" recording on the
album. George, our photographer Dean, and
myself (Pat), worked together for several years in
the 1980's. George was playing around town,
in  days of Jimi  Hendrix & Billy Cox in the 1960's
The house band
Buzz Cason
Artists on the Night Train To Nashville,
Volume 2: Music City Rhythm & Blues 1945-1970 (2-CD)  
Jimmy Sweeney
Richard Armstrong
Ivory Joe Hunter
Charlie Dowell & Orchestra
Billie McAllister
Gay Crosse & The Good Humer
Helen Foster
Bernard Hardison
Gene Allison
Ted Jarrett
Lillian Offitt
The Gladiolas
Charles Walker & The Daffadils
The Kinglets w/ Leroy Thomas
Little Ike
The Neptunes
Hal & Jean
Freddie North
Jimmy Bell
Dr. Feelgood & The Interns
Christine Kittrell
Herbert Hunter
Clyde McPhatter
Esther Phillips
Arthur Alexander
Earle Gaines
Marion James
Roscoe Shelton
Johnny Jones & The King Casuals
John Richbourg
Jimmy Church
Frank Howard
Sandra King
The Spidells
Johnny Bragg
The Fabulettes
Joe Simon
Freddie North
Hal & Jean
Frank Howard
Earl Gaines
Marian James
The Valentines
Bobby Hebb
Audrey Bryant
Buzz Cason
Tom Holbert
Hal Hardy
The Imperials
George Yates
Jimmy Church
Johnny Jones
Marian James
Sandra King
Charles "Wigg" Walker
and other related artists
All R&B heaven breaks loose when the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum and Lost Highway Records
Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970, Volume Two on September 20, 2005.
The first volume garnered a Grammy Award as the best historical recording of 2004. The 2-CD second volume further
illustrates the sterling quality and diverse sounds of the Nashville rhythm and blues that exploded across national
radio and television airwaves (even though it was not considered suitable for family audiences) in this period. There
are numerous interesting examples of collaboration between R&B and country artists, of country songs that became
rhythm and blues hits and rhythm and blues songs that became country hits. A number of Nashville artists,
including the
Spidells, Jimmy Church and Sandra King, appeared in the 1960's on the all-black,
Nashville-produced, groundbreaking television program
Night Train. First imagined by host Noble Blackwell,
Night Train was followed in later years by the more well-known, Chicago based
Soul Train
Autograph's from CD Party
More members of
the house band
The Party and Autograph Session in the Lobby of the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum
Autographed Poster (Right)
Johnny Jones
"Night Train To Nashville" book
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Michael Gray
co-producer of
the "Night Train to
Nashville" CD set,
says, "we chose
a period to pay
tribute to, after the
war when Nashville
was emerging
as a major
recording center"
Jimi Hendrix Shotgun Live 1965 Night Train Backing Buddy & Stacey.
The Oldest Known Film Footage of Jimi Hendrix Playing Guitar
on Nashville's Channel 5  "WLAC-TV studios, L & C Tower,
159 4th Avenue North, Nashville Jimi appears as a guitar player in
"The Royal Company" playing in the back-up band for Buddy & Stacy
on the WLAC-TV Channel 5 show "Night Train" performing "Shotgun".
On the same show Jimmy Church performs "In The Midnight Hour",
the Wilson Pickett version of the song was released in late June -
early July. Billy Cox has said that Jimi left and returned to Nashville
several times, this could have been one of those visits...
Country Music Hall Of Fame
Saturday October 1, 2005
Johnny Jones on Jimi Hendrix in Nashville
Bobby Hebb - Sunny
Bobby wrote this song in 1963 but know one wanted to record it.....
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