A benefit concert for:
Chet Atkins
Music Education
Mark Knopfler
Born August 12, 1949
in Glasgow Scotland

Dire Straits singer:
British vocalist &
Mark Knopfler  
lead Dire Straits
to international
success with a
series of albums
full of excellent
musicianship and
the finely developed
songcraft that made
some of his best
story songs, such as
"Romeo And Juliet".
A touch of humor,
with the song
"Money For Nothing",
and a knack
for creating
groove-driven songs
also help make
Dire Straits one of
the most successful
groups of the mid to
late Eighties.
The groups debut
album introduced
Knopfler's minor-key
Dylanesque songs
and his mixture of
J.J. Cale's and
Albert King's guitar
styles: The
Dire Straits
trademark  is a
dialogue between
Knopfer's vocals and
guitar lines as heard
in the groups first hit
"Sultans Of Swing"
from 1979

Chet Atkins:
Born June 20, 1924
in Luttrell Tennessee
With more than 35
million copies of his
75-plus original
releases sold,
Grammy Lifetime
Acheivement Award
winner Chet Atkins
was one of the most
successful guitarists
in history. As a
country producer, he
was largely
responsible for the
pop oriented
"Nashville Sound"
of the sixties. Atkins
died on June 30,
2001 in Nashville

Chet Atkins Fan:
In the late 1980's
Mark Knopfler
recorded an album
with his idol, country
guitar master
Chet Atkins.
Knopfler was a fan
and a friend to
Adkins. The duo
won three grammy
awards together

Knopfler's facination
with Nashville goes
back to his"
childhood. "I heard
the Everly Brothers
when I was 9 years
old, and they made a
huge impression on
me, just like they did
on the Beatles. And it
was Chet Atkins who
was producing those
Everly Brothers
records.   Looking
back now, it's hard to
believe I was able to
spend so much time
with Chet. Hard to
believe I recorded
with (session
piano legend)
Floyd Cramer, or that
I recorded with
Waylon, who I adored.
Nashville Ties:
Knopler was touring in
support of his
Shangri-La album
(which featured Worf,
Bennett & Cromwell).
He is also planning to
release a duet album
with Emmylou Harris in

Vince Gill:
Mark Knopfler once
invited Vince Gill to
join Dire Straits.
Gill declined because
he was working on
his solo career
at the time
July 13, 2005 :  Nashville, Tennessee
* Ryman Auditorium *
Mark Knopfler from "Dire Straits"
Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Mark Knopfler & guitarist Richard Bennett play two of Chet Atkins
guitars (above). Knopfler borrowed the guitar's from the
Music Hall Of Fame
, for this show.
The Chet Atkins Music Education Fund is dedicated to ensuring that
there are always funds around to encourage promising students as
they pursue musical training
Mark Knopfler's Band includes: Matt Rollings, Glenn Worf,
Guy Fletcher, Danny Cummings
& Richard Bennett.
Rollings and Worf (shown below in the middle) are from Nashville
Pictures by Pat Adams
Former Dire Straits singer, Mark Knopfler on stage with bass player
Glenn Worf. Knopfler met Worf at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville
Mark Knopfler plays all of Dire Strait hit's, plus songs
from his solo albums. He also played four songs from his
most recent album "Shangri-La"
Mark Knopfler plays Chet Atkins guitar. He recorded an album with
Chet Atkins resulting in three Grammy Awards
This show started about 8:00 with no opening act.
It continued on until about 10:30 with several encore's
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Chet Atkins & Emmylou Harris - Precious Memories
with Mark Knopfler and the Everly Brothers
From 1987 'A Session with Chet Atkins' recorded in Nashville.
Mark Knopfler 19 years before his collaboration
with Emmylou on "All The Road Running".
Courtesy of StAlphege & YouTube
Sultans of Swing - Mark Knopfler - Live 2005