Mark Farner
Born Sept. 29, 1948
in Flint Michigan

Grand Funk:
Formed 1968
Flint Michigan

Grand Funk
Band Members:
Mark Farner was lead singer
& songwriter for Grand Funk
Railroad, later known as
Grand Funk.
Other members included:
Mel Schacher
Don Brewer
Craig Frost (1972)

Grand Funk Songs:
Closer To Home
Mean Mistreater
Rock & Roll Soul
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Bad Time
And the hit song
American Band
(although not written
or sung by Mark Farner)

Grand Funk was the most
commercially successful
American heavy-metal band
from 1970 until it disbanded in
1976. They had 11 gold
or platinum albums, sold
over 20 million LP's, and
set attendance records
at arena's and stadium's
Grand Funk singer and
Mark Farner
plays a solo show at
328 Performance Hall
in Nashville, playing
his Grand Funk hits
& solo songs
Grand Funk
Nashville Concert
I attended a Grand
Funk concert at
Nashville's Municipal
Auditorium on
January 27, 1973.
Opening act was
a barely known
REO Speedwagon
Mark Farner from Grand Funk Railroad
328 Performance Hall - Nashville Tennessee - September 19, 1991
Pictures (from video) by Pat Adams, Video by Jerry Taylor - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Mark Farner on Nashville Now (Nashville Network)
September 18, 1991 (The day before the concert)
Punched Him Out Of Grand Funk - September 17, 2011
See Video From This Concert
Mark Farner at Nashville's 328 Performance Hall
A medley of Grand Funk Railroad hits
on September 19, 1991