Mac Gayden
Mac Gayden is
a hit songwriter,
legendary innovative
guitar player,
artist and
Mac Gayden's
acheivements have
been nothing less
than outstanding. His
hit song
Everlasting Love is
one of only two songs
to have hit status
every decade in the
past four.
He is also the
inventor of the "Slide
Wah" guitar
technique. He also
wrote the beach hit
"She Shot A Hole In
My Soul", recorded
by Clifford Curry and
the Box Tops.
Mac Gayden is
president of Wild
Child Records which
is dedicated to
producing cutting
edge artists with
musical and lyrical

Area Code 615
Barefoot Jerry
All were popular local
and regional bands in
the Nashville area
Mac Gayden
wrote the classic hit
song "Everlasting
Love" with Buzz
In 1999, BMI drafted
its top 100 most
played songs of the
century, and
Everlasting Love
was number 54.
It was recorded by
Robert Knight
The Love Affair
Gloria Estevan
& U2.

Mac Gayden's hit
song Morning Glory
received much
airplay, and
included Gayden
on the Slide Guitar

Session Musician
Mac Gayden was a
Nashville session
musician and
played on many
hit records

2005: Mac Gayden
wrote several songs
that were on the
CD's (Volume 1 & 2)
"Night Train To
Nashville", featuring
the early days
(1945-1970) of
Rhythm and Blues  
in Nashville
Mac Gayden in Nashville
1979: Mac Gayden at the Exit In in Nashville Tennessee
By Pat Adams -
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Mac Gayden does Morning Glory on December 7, 2006
at Nashville's Douglas Corner
Song Clip - Courtesy of chip37075 & YouTube