Louise Mandrell

Born July 13, 1954
Corpus Christy, TX

Louise is the younger
sister of Barbara Mandrell.
A guitarist and bassist,
she worked in Barbara's
band, The Do-Rights,
at the age of 15, and toured
with Merle Haggard in the
early 70's.  She was on the
TV show "Barbara Mandrell
And The Mandrell Sisters".

Barbara Mandrel Show:
The Barbara Mandrell TV
Show featured Barbara and
her sisters Louise & Irlene.
They were the host of a
variety show full of comedy
sketches, musical numbers
and some great stars every
week. Despite the shows
success, it was cancelled
after two seasons because
of Barbara's hectic schedule.

Irlene Mandrell:
Louise's sister Irlene was a
regular on the Hee Haw TV
show from 1984-1992

Louise's Show:
Louise wrote and performed
"Love My Country" stage
show at the Opryland Acuff
Theater in Nashville.
Her latest venture is a 1,400
seat musical theater that
bears her name. The Louise
Mandrell Theater opened
it's doors with a multi-million
dollar production in Pigeon
Forge, Tennessee
Picture's from the Love My Country stage show at Opryland USA
Pictures by Joanne Adams
Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Louise Mandrell
1990's :  Nashville, Tennessee
* Opryland USA Theme Park *
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