Formed 1972
New York, NY

Original members:
Paul Stanley
Gene Simmons
Not Pictured:
Peter Criss
Ace Frehley

Other members:
Vinnie Vincent
Mark St John
Bruce Kulick
Eric Singer
Eric Carr
Born: July 12, 1950
Died in the 1990's

Hit Songs:
Rock & Roll All Night

Founded by:
The group was
founded by
Gene Simmons
& Paul Stanley

Kiss Un-masked:
Kiss may have been
one of the biggest
selling acts of the
seventies, but it will
always be known as
the band without a
face. Until 1983, when
the group removed
its distinctive makeup,
the four members
faces supposedly
had never been

Peter Criss:
Original drummer
Peter Criss was found
through an ad in
Rolling Stone
magazine. He sung
the hit song "Beth"

Album Sales:
By the early nineties,
Kiss had sold more
than 70 million albums

Glitter Rock:
The quartet formed in
the middle of glitter
and rock theater, and
it set out to define,
at first, evil cartoon
character personas,
highlighted by
Gene Simmons bass
playing, fire-breathing
(stage) blood spewing

Early Kiss:
An early Kiss band,
(original members)  
played at Muthers
Music Emporium on
Hermitage Avenue,
Nashville, in the
early 1970's.

Coyote Concert:
In the 1970's Kiss  
played at the
1st annual WMAK
Coyote McCloud
Concert at the
War Memorial
Auditorium in Nashville
Rock Pictures

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1990's : Nashville, Tennessee
* Riverfront Park *
A concert poster from a 1983 Kiss show (with makeup) in Nashville
Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Paul Stanley
Gene Simmons
Eric Singer
2004: Kiss ticket at the Starwood Amphitheater in Nashville
Ticket stub, thanks to Michelle (Bruce) Nichols
Click on Ticket to Enlarge
Kiss guitarist
Paul Stanley and
Play It
Again Jam
bass player
Tony Beazley.
The Play It Again
is a Tennessee
sponsored event.
KISS Nashville Concert video from 1985
As Kiss enterd 1975, they so with yet another new lead guitarist.
Mark St. John was unable to perform due to suffering from reactive
arthritis (also known as Reiter's Syndrome), which caused swelling
in his hands and arms. As a result, Mark bowed out (sadly, Mark
St. John passed away on April 5, 2007, succumbing to a cerebral
hemorrhage  at age 51), giving way to Bruce Kulick, a talented and
gifted guitar player who had performed in the past with the likes of
Meatloaf, and had been a member of bands such as BlackJack
and Good Rats. Bruce joined Gene, Paul, and Eric during the
Animalize tour, and had also played a small role during the
Animalize recording sessions. Now officially a member of the
Hottest Band In the World, Bruce handled lead guitar duties on the
band's 1985 joint, Asylum. The ensuing tour proved to be one of
the most colorful in all of the band's history, and here we have
uncovered some incredibly rare promotional footage from this tour
- a tour not known to be professionally filmed! This video was shot
on November 30, 1985 at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN
(synced with audio from their 12/28/85 Charlotte performance),
and has never been available anywhere!

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