Jimmy Buffett
Born Dec 25, 1946
Pascagoola, Mississippi

Jimmy Buffett has been
one of the nations top
touring acts for three
He never charted a No.
1 single or won a major
award until he teamed
up with Alan Jackson
for the hit
It's Five
O'Clock Somewhere

collaboration won vocal
event of the year
honors at the 2003
CMA Music Awards.
Buffett studied
journalism at the
University Of Southern
Mississippi. Working as
the Nashville
correspondent for
Billboard magazine, he
built up contacts that
led to his 1970 debut
for Barnaby Records,
but the album and it's
follow up were not well
produced. Buffett
settled in Key West
Florida, and although
initially involved in
smuggling, he changed
his ways and went to
Nashville to record. In
Buffett formed the
Coral Reefer Band
while recording
Havana Daydreaming.
His songs continue to
reflect the Key West
Jimmy Buffett remains
a major concert
attraction, especially in
Florida. He addresses
his fans as
At the 2003 CMA
Awards in Nashville,
Buffett and
Alan Jackson opened
the show with
It's Five
O'Clock Somewhere
After winning the vocal
award later that night,
Buffett noted,
"It was about 31 years
ago when I came to
this town to pursue my
musical madness, and
I've never won anything
for anything, and it's
great to do it here.

Songs Include:
Pencil Thin Mustache
Come Monday
Son Of A Son of
A Sailor
Changes In Latitudes
A Pirate Looks At Forty
in                    Paradise
Son Of A Son Of
A Sailor
Havana Daydreamin'
The Captain & The Kid
Boat Drinks
West Nashville Grand
Ballroom Gown
Why Don't We Get
Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit
Coconut Telegraph
It's Five O'Clock                       
Jimmy Buffett
Below: 1970's Jimmy Buffett Nashville Concert Memorabilia
Jimmy Buffett Lived in Nashville in the early 1970's
1977: Jimmy Buffett poster at the Exit In. 1976: Concert ticket at
Hermitage Landing in Nashville.
1979: Concert ticket at MTSU
Click on
Images to
Gaylord Entertainment Center
February 20, 1999 :  Nashville, Tennessee
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In the early 1970's, many of Jimmy Buffett's Nashville albums
were recorded a few houses from me, were I lived at the time
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