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I Saw Her Standing There by Timmy Ryan
Nashville's Musician Jam. Besides Timmy, Andy Olsen,
Walter Jowers & Gary perform a classic song
originally by The Beatles, in November of 2008
at Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville Tennessee.
Video by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
She Caught The Katy sung by Mike Broward
The Jam, a Nashville Tennessee Rock & Roll Musicians Jam
at Windows Off The Cumberland. Band includes Walter Jowers,
Andy Olsen and Gary on November 30, 2008.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Pictures & Videos from the November 30, 2008 "Play It Again Jam" at
Windows Off The Cumberland on 2nd Avenue in Nashville Tennessee
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BARRY BARNES & Gary Allen by Pat Adams
: These guys have been playing together since Herbert Hoover was president.
They actually started playing together in the early 70's, during the Nixon years.
Below are pictures of some of the bands that included Barry Barnes & Gary
Allen.  Their songs from the Charlie Daniels Band continue to get airplay on the
radio daily. The Fire On The Mountain album is the most popular album among
the C.D.B. catalog, producing southern classic songs including
The South's Gonna Do It, Long Haired Country Boy, Trudy, and others.
Barry Barnes wrote and sung "Feeling Free" on the popular
triple-platinum (or more) LP. Several live songs on the album, were
recorded by the guys at the very first Volunteer Jam. The
Volunteer Jam
eventually became a Nashville tradition for decades,
until Charlie took it on the road to a nationwide audience.
I personally remember seeing Barry Barnes several times in the 1970's.
I don't really remember Gary from back in those days, though. One
concert at the Municipal Auditorium around 1974 that comes to mind,
included the CDB, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Black Oak Arkansas.
A decibel meter measured this concert as the "loudest concert" ever held in
Nashville. I'm sure the Pink Floyd at Vanderbilt Stadium broke that record.
I also remember seeing Barry in the band "Push" at the old Fanny's bar in
Nashville. Barry Barnes, Mark Fitzgerald & G.A. made music news
when the three left the Charlie Daniels Band, and formed Push,
with popular KDF Disc Jockey Carl P. Mayfield as their manager.

You can buy the Fire On The Mountain t-shirt at the Charlie Daniels museum,
along with seeing the history of Charlie Daniels & the Charlie Daniels Band
The museum is just down the street from the Windows Off The Cumberland,
110 2nd Avenue North in downtown Nashville.

Pat Adams - TennesseeConcerts - Nashville Tennessee
TennesseeConcerts Pat Adams & Nashlinks Chip Curley
Chip Curley's Nashville Tennessee related pages have become the most
popular of the vintage Nashville websites. His
www.nashlinks.com is
very informative with his Nashville events calendar. He has a cool page
on his
www.nashlinks.com/remember page with memories that even
go back further than me. Chip's combo & band pages document a
history of Nashville bands from the 1950's
www.nashlinks.com/shadows.htm ,
the 1960's
and the 1970's www.nashlinks.com/seventies.htm .As a kid,
my grandparents lived next door to Chip's family.As kids, Chip and
I go back as far as he attending my 4th birthday party back in 1959.
I told Chip that when I started out to create a website,
I had planned to come up with a vintage Nashville website myself, but changed to Tennessee concerts after I saw that he had
great vintage Nashville web pages already. I knew I could not compete with NashLinks, but will admit, I have been influenced by
the good things that Chip Curley has done on the internet.  My many concert pictures and a love for music guided me in the
direction of a Nashville Tennessee Concert web site in 2003. I have noticed that NashLinks and TennesseeConcerts overlap
often on the major search engines. Gary claims that NashLinks & TennesseeConcerts are the two best sites in town.
By co host Pat Adams - TennesseeConcerts.com - Nashville TN
Andy Olsen
Walter Jowers
Timmy Ryan
Mike Broward
Jim Hagey
Tiger Gagan
TennesseeConcerts & NashLinks
Nashville Musicians Barry Barnes & Gary
Have A Long History Of Playing In Bands Together
Volunteer Jam 1 (1974) Nashville Tennessee
Barry Barnes is on the right. Also pictured
are Charlie Daniels and Dickey Betts
Gary Allen and Barry Barnes from the
Charlie Daniels Band hold up a Fire On
The Mountain t-shirt, at the November Jam
November 2008
Play It Again Jam
& Feedback
From Mike Broward

Hi Pat,
I looked at the
links and must say
that you work fast!
I'll see you at the
next Jam! thanks,
mike broward

From Tiger Gagan:

Hi Pat, Wow,
thanks for thinking
of me for the newsletter.  
I do have a gig
7:00 - 8:30pm
the second Saturday
of every month
(including next Saturday 12/13)
at Ri'chard's
(Whites Creek
at Old Hickory)  
That's billed as
Wild Animal with Mississippi Millie.
If you want to include links to
my websites that
would be great.
Enjoy your day,Tiger

Tiger Gagan Links:

www.tigergagan.com  www.wildanimalband.com  

From Chip Curley

I attended an open rock n roll jam session
tonight. Pretty cool
and much better
than karaoke.
They will do it again Sunday, December 28th.

Chip's SLIDESHOW of the Jam

Chip's Community Calendar


Send us your comments
on the Muscians Jam
for posting. Jam Musicians
can submit related articles,
biography information,
& promotion information.


Pat Adams
Nashville Tennessee USA

Tiger Gagan performs Can't Stop Lovin'
See Tiger Gagan at the Jam, a Rock & Roll Musicians Jam at
Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville TN, on Nov. 28, 2008
Video by co-host Pat Adams
The Musicians Jam on November 30, 2008
"Autumn" with Mike Broward, Dustin Melton (drums), Tiger Gagan,
Andy Olsen & Walter Jowers. The return of the Jam, this time
at Windows Off The Cumberland in downtown Nashville.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
The Jam plays Slow Down
Members of the jam band play an instrumental
version of Slow Down by The Beatles. The Musicians Jam
is a Nashville Tennessee Musicians Jam at Windows
Off The Cumberland, downtown on 2nd Avenue South.
Musicians include Walter Jowers, Andy Olsen, and Gary
Former promo pictures from past bands that included Barry Barnes & Gary Allen.
Bands included Lightning Kite, Push, The Jets, and the Charlie Daniels Band
Next Jam: December 28, 2008 at Windows Off The Cumberland, 515 2nd Avenue South, Nashville TN
Dustin Melton on drums (not shown in pictures)
Video of the November "Jam"
The Jam in Nashville Tennessee, a rock and roll musicians jam at
Windows Off The Cumberland on November 30, 2008. Players
Walter Jowers, Andy Olsen, Timmy Ryan, Mike
Broward, Tiger Gagan, Gary Allen, Dustin Melton
and Robbie
Video by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
Barry Barnes
Jam Menu
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