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August 2009 Play It Again Jam pictures & videos from the Elysian Inn in Nashville
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Pictures & Videos taken at the August 2009 Musicians Jam Events
Videos from the  August 2009 Musicians Jam
The History Of The Jam In Nashville Tennessee by co-host Pat Adams
The Musicians Jam plays Everyday I Have The Blues
with Kenny Utterback (from Pacific Gas & Electric) on vocals,
Rick Marks (guitar), Steve Ivey (congas), Mike Gauthier
(keyboards) and members of the band. Video by Pat Adams
Dark Eyes Cajun Woman - The late Rick Marks on vocals,
with guests
Chip Gallent on guitar, Bill Kenk on keyboards
and the band. This was a originally a Doobie Brothers song.
Video by co-host Pat Adams from www.TennesseeConcerts.com
Rock Me Baby with Robert Thames (vocals), Gary Serkin
Terry Zimmerman (bass), Rick Durrett (keyboards)
Andy Olson (guitar) and the band. Video by co-host Pat Adams
The Musicians Jam on August 16, 2009, with Peter Roze
on vocals, Geno Haffner (keyboards) along with Walter & Gary
The Musicians Jam is sponsored by TennesseeConcerts.com.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Danny the harp man does Heartbreak Hotel in August of 2009.
This was the first YouTube video of the Musicians Jam from the
Elysian Inn. The band includes
Walter Jowers,
Ken Utterback, Rick Marks, Geno Haffner (keyboards)
Gary Allen (drums). Each player does a solo.
Video by co-host Pat Adams at www.TennesseeConcerts.com
The late Kenny Utterback
Mike Gauthier
Rick Durrett
Monty Pierce
The late Rick Marks
Abe Zimmerman
The late Robert Thames
Terry Zimmerman
The late Walter Jowers
Andy Olson
Chip Gallent
Gary Allen & Steve Ivey
Geno Haffner
Doug Corbin
Jam Menu
The late
Chip Curley
August 2009
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