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Twenty Flight Rock played at The Jam
Twenty Flight Rock with guitarist Monty Pierce, Geno Hafner on keyboards and singer
Andy Olsen, along with jam band members. This was taken from the March 2009
monthly jam in downtown Nashville Tennessee. This is somewhat a historical song.
John Lennon (from The Beatles) was impressed that Paul McCartney knew
the words to Twenty Flight Rock when the two originally met. Hey, we were
impressed when Andy Olsen knew the words. too.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Mike Broward does The Letter at the Jam
The Jam in Nashville Tennessee with band members Walter Jowers, Gary,
Andy Olsen, Geno Hafner and Robert Kinsall. This song was done by The
Boxtops & Joe Cocker. The  jam is a monthly Nashville rock & roll musicians jam.
Video by co-host Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
Pictures & Videos from the March 2009 "Play It Again Jam", a Nashville Rock & Roll Jam
at Windows Off The Cumberland on Second Avenue in Nashville Tennessee
Pictures & Videos by Pat Adams. Click on pictures to enlarge to full screen
All Along The Watchtower at the Jam
Alex Castiello plays All Along The Watchtower at the Play It Again jam in downtown
Nashville Tennessee with the jam band at Windows Off The Cumberland in
March 2009. The Play It Again jam is a monthly rock 'n' roll musicians jam.
Video by co-host Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
The Jam with Andy Olsen on vocals,
play Too Hard To Handle by the Black Crows
The Jam does Too Hard To Handle by the Black Crows with singer
Andy Olsen, Tiger Gagan, Geno, Kenny Utterback, Walter Jowers,  
and Dustin Melton on drums. The jam is a monthly Nashville Tennessee
rock & roll musicians jam. This was at the March 2009 jam.
Video by Pat Adams
Musicians Jam at Nashville's Musicians Jam
A rock & roll jam featuring Tiger Gagan (guitar), Linda Joseph (violin), Jeff Picture
(bass), Gary Allen & Mister Bill (keyboards). See these musicians bring the
March 2009 jam to an end of the evening. The Jam is a monthly Nashville
Tennessee rock 'n' roll musicians jam.  
Video by jam co-host Pat Adams
Geno Hafner
Mike Broward
Monty Pierce
Bill Lenk
Kenny Utterback
Dustin Melton
Alex Castiello
Linda Joseph
Martin Kenny
Walter Jowers
Tiger Gagan
Robert Kinsall
Doug Frame
Andy Olsen
Jeff Pitcher
Nashville's longest running rock & roll jam
by Kenny Utterback for the Music City Examiner
The Jam, Nashville's longest running rock and roll jam,
went on hiatus for almost a year, starting at the end of
2007. Having lost their lease, the promoters of the jam  
had to search for a new venue for the bi-monthly event.

For a short period, the jam regulars were topping the bill
for Music City Nights, while it was showcasing at the old
Mocambo Club location on 4th Avenue. When the venue
took a sharp turn toward mostly presenting upcoming
country music artists, the rock and roll jam didn't seem
like a good fit anymore, to the jam's promoters. So, the
search resumed for a better match.

It now appears that a great little club on 2nd Avenue
South called Windows Off The Cumberland, which
already deals in rock and roll, has partnered with the
Jam promotional team to host the jam two nights a
month (the old 'Jam' format) starting in March. Jams
have already been held at the club, in December and
January, with another scheduled on Sunday, February
22nd. Photos and videos of these sessions can be
seen on the Tennessee Concerts website. To learn
more about the history of the jam, or to view the latest
videos and photographs, go to  


See Kenny's Music City Examiner "Jam" Article

Kenny Utterback's  other Music City Examiner articles
See Music City Examiner articles
(no longer online) related to
TennesseeConcerts and our Jam by
Nashville Tennessee musician
Kenny Utterback from the 1970's band
Pacific Gas & Electric

Chip Curley of Nashville Links
See an article on my friend Chip Curley. Chip and I have a
connection going back to the early 1960's. His family lived next
door to my grandparents in Belle Meade when we were young. I
can even remember going to his house as a kid. I later learned of
Chip's website, after my older brother sent me the link. Chip's
NashLinks.com has been a big influence on my TennesseeConcerts
website. He has  many great vintage web pages, along with a current
Nashville events calendar. Chip has attended several of our
Jam events. Actually, I was originally in the picture of Chip shown
with the Examiner article, but I got cropped out.
Text by Pat Adams

Tiger on the loose in Nashville
See an article on our friend Tiger. Tiger has been attending our
Jam since the old days of the jam near the Nashville fairgrounds.
Tiger is liked as a person, as well as a very talented musician.
You can see Tiger play around Nashville on a regular basis with
his band Wild Animal, or with blues singer Mississippi Millie.
Text by Pat Adams

New talent competition in Nashville
See an article on our own Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition
through the Sonic Bids website. Musicians have a chance to be
promoted by our TennesseeConcerts.com website, along with
related prizes. The contest is currently open to
all musicians & genres from all over the world.
Text by Pat Adams

The Southern Drum Show in Nashville
The new publisher for the Not So Modern Drummer magazine,
George Lawrence, is bringing the Southern Drum Show
back to Nashville. Lawrence, drummer for the band Poco
as well as owner of George's Drum Shop Inc. and Famous Drums
LLC. George Lawrence is a sponsor of our Tennessee Concerts
Talent Competition.
Text by Pat Adams

Tennessee Concerts' own Pat Adams
An article about me! I don't know what to say about this one,
just check it out.
Text by Pat Adams

Nashville's longest running
rock & roll jam
Check out the article on our Jam. The jam started in 2006, and
continues on at downtown Nashville's Windows Off The
Cumberland. Music City Examiner's. The  jam is a monthly
Nashville rock & roll musicians jam.
Text by Pat Adams
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