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Abe Zimmerman sings I Saw Her Standing There
The Play It Again Jam, a rock & roll musicians jam held at Nashville's Windows Off
The Cumberland. Singer Abe Zimmerman and the jam band performs the Beatles
"I Saw Her Standing There" on February 22, 2009.     
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Kenny Utterback plays Summertime Blues
Kenny Utterback performs "the classic song Summertime Blues at the
February 2009 Jam at Windows Off The Cumberland.
The Play It Again Jam is a monthly Nashville Tennessee rock 'n' roll
musicians jam. Video by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts.com
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Pictures & Videos from the February 2009 "Play It Again Jam"
at Windows Off The Cumberland on 2nd Avenue in Nashville Tennessee
Pictures & Videos by Pat Adams. Click on pictures to enlarge to full screen
Timmy Ryan performs a country tune at the Jam
The very first yodeling song ever performed at the jam,
Timmy turns on the country with players from the Jam,
a monthly Nashville Tennessee rock & roll musicians jam held
at Windows Off The Cumberland, 515 2nd Avenue South.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Abe Zimmerman and the band does Knock On Wood
Abe Zimmerman sings Knock On Wood at the February 2009 Jam rock & roll
musicians jam at Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville Tennessee.
Knock On Wood was originally done by Eddie Floyd.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Jeff Pitcher
Abe Zimmerman
Mike Gauthier
Walter Jowers
Martin Kenny
John Provost
Monty Pierce
Dusty Knapp
Linda Joseph
Joe Canary
Jesse Meeks
Kenny Utterback (middle)
Mike Gauthier
Mike Gauthier is a songwriter and composer from Miami
Florida who started his career playing B3 onstage with
The  Pidgeons, (a.k.a.) The Vanilla Fudge. At the age of
eighteen Mike was opening for TheThe Young Rascals,
The Temptations and The Platters. He was hired to play
with The Four Tops beforereturning to his own band in
1974 to open for Chick Corea and Peter Frampton. Mike
joined "Frampton'sCamel". After an eighteen month tour
with Frampton's Camel he joined up with Robert Palmer
for a two yeartour ending in New York City. There he
performed in the Broadway hit musical about the Fab
Four"Beatlemania". After  the Broadway show Mike joined
the band of legendary rocker Rick Derringer. Mike was
performing in New Jersey,  playing local night clubs and
doing session work for The Thunderbirds, with Will Lee,
bass player for Paul Shaffer's band on David Letterman's
Late Show,famous jazz guitarist John Troupe and many
other recording artists. Returning to Miami in 1995he
collaborated with Roach Thompson on his recording
"Hot Times in Miami." Roach introduced Mike to George
"Chocolate" Perry, bass player from The Bee Gees and
Crosby Stillsand Nash. Working with Chocolate he
performed on recordings with Gwen McCrae, Benny
Latimore,and Henry Stone's production for Miami
Lighthouse for The Blind. He recently worked with Jay
Jenkinsfrom KC and The Sunshine Company, and his
band  The Connection who was opening for The
Commodoresin Florida in 2008. Mike does session work
and writes original music. He is a regular at The
Nashville Musicians Jam, Nashville'slongest running
rock and roll musicians jam. Mike is looking for a full time
working band, local or touring.You can see videos of Mike
at TennesseeConcerts  and catch him at the jam on
March 29th at Windows OffThe Cumberland in Nashville
on Second Avenue.
Andy Olsen
Steve Brooks
Timmy Ryan
Downtown Nashville from
Windows Off The Cumberland
Windows Off The Cumberland
Dustin Melton
Gary Allen and
the late Chip Curley
See Chip's Vintage
Nashville Website
Jam hosts Gary Allen
Tennessee Concerts
Editor, Photographer
Pat Adams
Nashville's longest running rock & roll jam
by Kenny Utterback for the Music City Examiner
The Musicians Jam, Nashville's longest running rock and
roll jam, went on hiatus for almost a year, starting at the
end of 2007.

For a short period, the jam regulars were topping the bill
for Music City Nights, while it was showcasing at the old
Mocambo Club location on 4th Avenue. When the venue
took a sharp turn toward mostly presenting upcoming
country music artists, the rock and roll jam didn't seem
like a good fit anymore, to the jam's promoters. So, the
search resumed for a better match.

It now appears that a great little club on 2nd Avenue
South called Windows Off The Cumberland, which
already deals in rock and roll, has partnered with the  
Jam promotional team to host the jam two nights a
month (the old 'Jam' format) starting in March. Jams have
already been held at the club, in December and January,
with another scheduled on Sunday, February 22nd.
Photos and videos of these sessions can be seen on the
Tennessee Concerts website. To learn more about the
history of the jam, or to view the latest videos and
photographs, go to  

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