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Barry Barnes from the Charlie Daniels Band
Barry Barnes, formally of the Charlie Daniels Band performs the
Doobie Brothers song Long Train Runnin' at the Jam, a Nashville
Tennessee rock & roll musicians jam. Video recorded on January 25,
2009 at Windows Off The Cumberland.
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Tiger Gagan plays some cool Santana at the Jam
The Musicians Jam a Nashville Tennessee rock 'n' roll jam
with Nashville musicians jam at Windows Off The Cumberland
on January 25, 2009.
See Tiger performs around Nashville.
Jam web site www.tennesseeconcerts.com/jam
Video by co-host Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
Pictures & Videos from the January 2009 Play It Again Jam
at Windows Off The Cumberland on 2nd Avenue in Nashville Tennessee
Pictures & Videos by Pat Adams. Click on pictures to enlarge to full screen
Mississippi Millie performs Nutbush City Limits
Nashville's Jam at Windows Off The Cumberland on January 25, 2009.
Her friend Tiger Gagen (red shirt) is on guitar, along with the Musicians Jam
band. Video by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts.com.
See the Jam pages at www.TennesseeConcerts.com/jam
Video by co-host Pat Adams
Ken Utterback plays Little Queenie at the Jam
Chuck Berry's Little Queenie at the Nashville Jam
on January 25, 2009. The Jam takes place at
Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville Tennessee.
Jam site www.TennesseeConcerts.com/jam
Video by Pat Adams
Matt Jacobs
Barry Barnes (Charlie Daniels Band)
Geno Haffner
Doc Hearl
Walter Jowers
Robert Kinsall
Sam Lax
Mississippi Millie
Bronson Harrmuth
Andy Olsen
Michael Gauthier
Monty Pierce
Tiger Gagan
Mitchell Savage
Kenny Utterback
Dustin Melton
Jesse Meeks - Johnny Norris (not pictured)
January 2009 Jam house band members
Co-Host Pat Adams
from TennesseeConcerts website
Barry Barnes & Gary Allen from the
Fire On The Mountain era Charlie Daniels Band
Play It Again Jam Poster (click to enlarge)
Pacific Gas & Electric
Kenny Utterback (in the middle)
See our Cool Pictures page
featuring Jam Players with
past bands & famous
musicians including Jimmy
Page, Paul Stanley, Charlie
Daniels, JJ Cale, Sammy
Hagar, Peter Frampton,
Peter Noone, Artimus Pyle,
Bob Burnes, George
McCorkle & others.
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The Charlie Daniels Band
Barry Barnes
(2nd from the left)
Free Admission - Buy Beer & Soft Drinks
Matt Jacobs’
Psychedelic Acoustic
Matt plays his guitar and sings,
improvises over himself on jazz,
bluegrass, and also does
psychedelic experimentation
over originals and covers
by the Beatles, Floyd
and The Doors.
Mike Gauthier
We welcome keyboardist
Mike Gauthier to the Jam.
Mike has played with
Robert Palmer, Four Tops,
Peter Frampton, Rick Derringer
and Beatlemania.
He did a
great job on the keyboards!
TennesseeConcerts Website Updates by Pat Adams
TennesseeConcerts had a record amount of over 46,000 hits in January.
We also sold a record amount of concert tickets through our Ticket banners. We will feature local music articles, featured
YouTube videos, and pictures under
the Kaleidoscope on the home page. The Kaleidoscope originally began in the early
1970's when I was in high school, as a Junior Acheivement Nashville local music newspaper. It was passed out to area
Nashville high schools for free. It only lasted a year or two, but featured Nashville concerts and music news.
I brought back The Kaleidoscope on my TennesseeConcerts website.I also worked as a stringer reporter (1970s) for
1510 WLAC-AM in Nashville, reporting from the Hee Haw set, RCA recording studio (where Elvis recorded), and other
Nashville hot spots. Now,
I do all this stuff on my TennesseeConcerts.com website.  

We shot some really good video at the last jam.
Barry Barnes (formally of the Charlie Daniels Band) played. Kenny Utterback from Pacific Gas & Electric played many
songs. Mississippi Millie was cool, Mike Gauthier made his
first trip to the jam. Mike has played with Peter Frampton,
Robert Palmer,The Four Tops, Rick Derringer & Beatlemania. I could go
on and on, describing the musicians that come
the jam. These are quality players, and I am happy
to be a part of it.  
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Jam Hosts
Gary Allen
(ex Charlie Daniels
Band drummer)
and Pat Adams
(from the Tennessee
Concerts website)
Other Videos shot January 2009 (Links coming soon)