George Jones
Born Sept.12, 1931
in Saratoga, Texas.
Died April 26, 2013
in Nashville TN.

George Jones is the
king of country singers
and a highly acclaimed
His straightforward
aversion to trends and his
hard but romantic persona
have served him well,
through nearly six decades
of recordings, a highly
publicized marriage
to and divorce from singer
Tammy Wynette, and bouts
with addictions and poor
health. He has had more
charted records, than
anyone in modern history.

His Song's Include:
Why Baby Why
You Gotta Be My Baby
Just One More Time
White Lightning
Who Shot Sam
The Window Up
Above Tender Years
She Thinks I Still Care
Tender Years
You Comb Her Hair
The Race Is One
The Grand Tour
Walk Through This
World With Me
A Good Year
For The Roses
He Stopped Loving Her Today
Yesterday's Wine
We're Gonna Hold On
Golden Ring
Near You
Two Story House
Don't Need Your
Rockin' Chair
Ryman Auditorium:
George Jones & Band
at the historic Ryman in
Nashville. Jones is no
stranger to the Ryman.
He has performed there
countless times on the Grand
Ole Opry, TV Tapings, and
live concerts. The Grand Ole
Opry took place at the Ryman
for many years. The Ryman
continues to host the Grand
Ole Opry in winter month's
Nashville, Tennessee
The Life & Death of George Jones
* Ryman Auditorium *
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George Jones Death
We were at his burial
See pictures below on this page
From the program of the George Jones Memorial
held at the Grand Ole Opry House on the same day
Our own video of the George Jones funeral procession in Nashville on May 2, 2013
just after the Celebration Of Life, and just before his burial at Woodlawn Memorial Park.
This was taken on Thompson Lane at Sidco Drive just blocks before the cemetery.
Video by Pat Adams from
Highlights of the The George Jones Memorial Service at the Ryman Auditorium
NASHVILLE, Tenn -- The Bible says it's appointed for man to die. April 26, 2013 there was an
appointment and he showed up said former Gov Mike Huckabee. I think if George Jones could say
anything right now, this might be what he would say. Don't grieve for me, for I am free. says Jones
friend Tanya Tucker. Some of George Jones very best friends and biggest fans sang in that coveted
circle, at a memorial fit for the king that everyone knew him to be. He was more than a country singer.
He was a country song says Bob Shieffer. Today we are left with the gift of his songs on earth and we
can only imagine how beautiful the heavens now sound says former First Lady Laura Bush. Through
both musical tribute and spoken word, for almost 3 hours, The Grand Ole Opry was filled with tears
and at times laughter. If when I sing this song Nancy, if you could use your imagination and picture a
little bit of George singing it to ya. I know that's a huge imagination! An unshaven, long hair, confused,
country rock and roller trying to channel George Jones laughs Kid Rock. Be it with a smile or fighting
back tears, on their own way, eeveryone here was remembering the George they knew. The Possum,
No Show Jones, The Voice, Country's greatest treasure. Brother George, he taught us all how to sing
with a broken heart says Vince Gill. If there ever were a person that experienced that amazing grace, it
was George says Huckabee. While it's doubtful anyone will every fill George Jones' shoes, he certainly
left footprints for others to follow in for years to come. He lives on in our hearts forever. God made just
one like him. But aren't we glad he did says Shieffer. As long a there is a Grand Ole Opry and anyone
is singing country, George Jones spirit will live on says Pete Fisher, the GM of the Grand Ole Opry. It's
so sad. So lonesome. We've been together so long. says Jones widow, Nancy Jones. As long a there
is country music you will be remembered. We are gonna miss you Mr. Jones says Charlie Daniels.

Courtesy of Nashville Fox 17 TV
George Jones - "White Lightnin'" - 1962 at the Ryman Auditorium
The George Jones Show live at the Ryman Auditorium in 2009
Videos of the Life & Death of George Jones
George Jones Funeral Procession & Burial Timeline
Photographs by Carol Alger & Pat Adams on May 2, 2013 - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Tennessee Concerts
writer & photographer
Pat Adams at the burial.
Pictures and Videos of Concert Appearances, Funeral Procession and Burial.
Videos from His Memorial, Ryman Performances, plus the Funeral & Burial.
Alan Jackson sings "He Stopped Loving Her Today" at the funeral service of George Jones
November 2000
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