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Nashville's 2011 Flatrock Music & Arts Festival
Pictures by Carol Alger & Pat Adams. Click on Pictures to Enlarge.
Buzz Cason
Old Neighbors: Buzz Cason with myself. I grew up just
a few houses from Buzz Cason's Creative Workshop
Recording Studio in Berry Hill.  I remember going
inside the studio once as a teenager
Buzz Cason, along with Carol Alger
and Pat Adams from the
Tennessee Concerts website.
Musician Reunion:  Guitarist Jeff Jones with Buzz Cason
Jeff played in Buzz Cason's 1986 band B.C. & the Darts,
and named one of his kids after Buzz.  Jeff has played at
our Tennessee Concerts sponsored Play It Again Jam
many times over the past few years.
Pat Adams & drummer Robert Kinsall. Robert has played
at the Tennessee Concerts sponored Play It Again Jam
(musicians jam) many times over the years
The Dairy King booth with my friend (and Dairy King owner)
Jeff Jones, along with his wife Carolyn).
I've been eating at Dairy King since I was a kid. On this day,
it was white beans, cornbread and a fried chocolate pie.
Pat Adams & Jeff Jones
JC's Bullseye Lounge, the former home of our
Tennessee Concerts Play It Again Jam
The Flatrock Festival T-shirt selling crew
The crew in charge of the festival Car Show
Buzz Cason wrote The Beatles "Soldier Of Arms" with Tony Moon.
Buzz also wrote the huge hit "Everlasting Love" with Mac Gayden.
Carol's favorite car, an old Volkswagon pickup truck
The owner of the winning car, a Red '57 Chevy
My favorite car won 1st Place in the Car Show
We met Molly & Sherman along the way
Lots of good food at the Festival
Me (Pat Adams from Tennessee Concerts) at the festival
Lots of different music acts all day long
The Metro Police Department had a booth
Video of Coleman Park
Scenes & Memories of Coleman Park by Pat Adams (2017)
See our pictures of the 2010 Flatrock Music & Arts Festival at
Coleman Park, with entertainment by Blackhawk, Irene Kelley & more
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