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Emmylou Harris at The Groove in East Nashville
Pictures by Pat Adams. Click on Pictures to Enlarge.
Emmylou Harris performs at the White House Paul McCartney Tribute
June 2, 2010. During the Paul McCartney tribute concert at the White House
for his receiving the Gershwin Prize at the Library of congress. Great rendition
of For No One by Emmylou Harris.
Emmylou Harris at The Groove on April 17, 2010
Dog Adoption Day - Emmylou's Boneapart's Retreat
List of performers. Record Store Day at The Groove
Tons of old albums for sale
This event was held at the old location of The Groove
The crowd
Pat Adams from the TennesseeConcerts.com website
Carol talks to Emmylou Harris and her mother
My friend Carol Alger & Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris Autograph
The Groove New & Used Vinyl & CD's