Dave Matthews Band,
Formed 1991, in
Charlottesville, VA.
The South African
vocolist/guitarist Dave
Matthews formed the Dave
Matthews Band in Virginia, in
the early 1990's. The band
built up a strong following in
the early 90's concentrating
on college campuses.

Hit Singles:
The Space Between
Where Are You Going
American Baby

Bonnaroo Again:
They perfomed at Bonnaroo
again in 2005
The Bonnaroo
Music Festival
Bonnaroo is an annual
rock festival, first held
in 2002.The festival is
held on a 700 acre
farm, in Manchester
Tennessee, 60 miless
south east of Nashville.
The main atttractions
are the multiple stage
of live music, featuring
mostly jam bands
(categorized as
progressive fusion), but
also including Hip Hop
and other alternative
music. The festival also
features craftsman and
artisan selling unique
products, several food
and drink vendors and
many other activities
from various sponsors.
Artists at  Bonnaroo
The Dead
Bob Dylan
James Brown
Steve Winwood
Allmans Brothers
Neil Young
Crazy Horse
Gov't Mule
Widespread Panic
Phil Lesh
Bob Weir & Ratdog
John Prine
The Black Crowes
Allison Krause  
& Union Show
Earl Scruggs  
& Friends
Bela Fleck
Emmylou Harris
Nickel Creek
Warren Hays
Liz Phair  
Patti Smith
Los Lobos
Doc Watson
Del McCroury
North American
A Poster from the 2005 Bonnaroo Music Festival
2004 Bonnaroo Music Festival Poster  
it began in 2002, and continues to go on into 2005
Dave Matthews
The Bonnaroo
Music Festival
June 2004 :  
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