Country Music Remembers
by Gary Hayes
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A Message From Country Music "Remembers" writer Gary Hayes
Folks you can NOW also see my column Country Music "Remembers"
I'm not sure if they will be able to feature as many as I send but check out
your favorite star of yesteryear on his site as well as my mailings.
I'm so glad that y'all enjoy my sharing of these precious gems of country music.
They ALL left behind so many memories and wonderful songs.
Gary Hayes "Country Music Remembers" link:
Gary Hayes is a traditional based singer songwriter
located in Adairville Kentucky. He has contributed greatly
to the legends of country music in every way he can.
A short time ago he started an educational piece called
"Country Music 'Remembers" which showcases past
legends of country music taken home to glory by our
Lord. He has over 300 songs and is in the process
of having his latest song "Cigarettes and Perfume" cut.

See Gary Hayes WEBSITE: