Bob Seger
Born May 6, 1945
in Dearborn Michigan
Bob Seger in the 70's
For years
Bob Seger remained
a local Michigan rock
hero. His music
brought together
Detroit's two legacies-
hard rock and soul-
while a series of bad
breaks denied him
nationwide audiences
cridics thought his
hard driving
workingman's rock
deseved. But he came
into his own in 1976
with the gold Live
Bullet and platinum
Night Moves LPs.
Seger's father had
been a bg band
leader who quit music
to work in a factory,
then left the family
when Seger was 12,
leaving him to live in
near poverty with his
mother and brother
(his father died in a
fire in 1968). In 1961
Sger lead a three
piece band, the
Decibels, then joined
another local Michigan
band, the Town
Criers, before going
on to Doug Browns
Omens. In the late
sixties Seger had
strong  followings in
the midwest and
Florida as well as
more big local hits,
such as Persecution
Smith," Ramblin'
Gamblin' man
Seger signed

Bob Seger's hits include:
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Beautiful Loser
Night Moves
Rock  And Roll
Never Forgets
Still The Same
Hollywood Nights
We've Got Tonight
Old Time Rock & Roll
Against The Wind
Fire Lake
You'll Accomp'ny Me
Horizontal Bop
Nine Tonight
Like A Rock
The Fire Inside

This was the first
Bob Seger concert in
Nashville, in ten years.
I was told that it was a
great show and a
good sounding
concert, although he
had a little trouble
hitting some of the
high notes. They
played the hits and
the lighting was great.
Don Brewer from one
of my favorite
childhood bands
(Grand Funk), was on
the drums.
Website by Pat Adams
Bob Seger
Saturday December 9, 2006 : Nashville, Tennessee
* Gaylord Entertainment Center *
Drummer Don Brewer from Grand Funk Railroad
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