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Black Oak Arkansas
with The Marshall Tucker Band & Charlie Daniels Band
Nashville Tennessee - February 2, 1974
Pictures by Timothy Templeton - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Black Oak Arkansas at the Municipal Auditorium
on February 2, 1974 in Nashville Tennessee
All three bands were great!
The Black Oak Arkansas concert was reported to be
the loudest concert ever held at the Municipal Auditorium.
Opening acts were the Marshall Tucker Band
and Nashville's own Charlie Daniels Band (not shown)
Jim Dandy with Black Oak Arkansas at Nashville's
Municipal Auditorium on December 13, 1979,
(opening act for Blue Oyster Cult)
Black Oak Arkansas in 1979
at Nashville's Municipal Auditorium
Black Oak Arkansas Video
Black Oak Arkansas - Jim Dandy
The Midnight Special (1975)
Black Oak Arkansas in Nashville TN by Timothy Templeton

To the best of my knowledge, they played the Municipal in August 1972 with Black
Sabbath, who didn't go on. (Ozzy Osborne had passed out and didn't not make it)  

They played at Tennessee Tech in late '72.

The War Memorial in early 1973 (2 shows)

1974 at the Municipal with Marshall Tucker and the Charlie Daniels Band.

The State Fair in September of 1974 with Wet Willie.  

They didn't return until 1979 (reformed as Black Oak with new band members
with the exception of Jim Dandy.  They were the opening act with Blue Oyster Cult.  

After this, they dropped in their popularity and became a small club act.  
I've seen him twice at Exit/Inn and at some bars in the 80's and 90's.