The Beach Boys
Formed in
Hawthorne California

Mike Love
March 15, 1941

Brian Wilson
June 20, 1942

Al Jardine
September 3, 1942

Carl Wilson
December 21, 1946
Died Feb. 6, 1998

Bruce Johnson
June 24, 1944

Not Pictured:
Dennis Wilson
Born Dec 4, 1944
Died Dec 28, 1983

Hit Songs:
Fun Fun Fun
All Summer Long
Do You Want To Dance
When I Grow Up
Dance Dance Dance
Caroline No
Good Vibrations
Barbara Ann
Sloop John B
Heroes And Villain's
I Can Hear Music
Sail On Sailor
Rock & Roll Music
Good Timin'
Getcha Back

California Rock:
In their early-sixties
hits the Beach Boys
virtually invented
California rock.
Brian Wilson's songs
celebrated an
idealized California
teenhood of surfing,
driving and dating.
His productions
were a glossy,
perfectionistic, ultra
blend of guitars and
vocal harmonies,
with their experiments

Record Sales:
The Beach Boys have
sold over 65 million
records worldwide

Carl Wilson:
Carl Wilson died
from complications of
lung cancer in 1998

Dennis Wilson:
December 28, 1983
Dennis Wilson
drowned while
swimming off his boat
in Marina Del Rey,

Brian Wilson:
Brian Wilson left the
band many times
and came back.
The Beach Boys had
their fourth #1 hit
"Kokomo" (1988) from
the film Cocktail
without him. Brian's
long awaited solo
album came out the
same year

Concert Pictures:
The original Beach
Boys reunited in
Nashville, led by their
founding genius,
Brian Wilson, in a
once in a lifetime,
all-star concert.
Nashville Sounds:
Stars And Stripes

presents an intimate
portrait of the Beach
Boys, who have joined
forces with such
talents as
Willie Nelson,
Tammy Wynette
Rodney Crowell
Lorrie Morgan
Timothy B. Schmitt
Collin Ray
Junior Brown
T. Graham Brown
Jimmy Webb
Doug Supernaw
Ricky Van Shelton
James House
Kathy Troccti
A unique collaboration
with some of country
musics finest. The
group revisits a
number of their
classic songs while
a lush backdrop
of close harmony.
In Mike Loves words,
they bring   
"a whole new life
and new personality"
to each of the song
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The Beach Boys at Fan Fair in 1996
Tennessee State Fairgrounds, Nashville TN
The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys are an
American rock band
that were formed in
Hawthorne, California
in 1961. Initially rising to
become the most popular
surf rock band in the U.S.
during the early 1960s,
the band's mastermind
and chief songwriter,
Brian Wilson, took The
Beach Boys' music to
ever increasing levels of
sophistication and artistry
between 1964 and 1966.
This resulted in the band
becoming one of most
popular international
acts of the decade and
arguably the only
American group to
effectively challenge the
success of The Beatles
in terms of mainstream
appeal and critical
recognition. Following
a nervous breakdown,
Brian retreated from the
spotlight and relinquished
his role as musical leader,
leaving the other band
members to continue on
through the 1970s, 1980s,
and 1990s
with Brian as an
inconsistent participant.
In the 21st century, The
Beach Boys continued as
a touring band under the
stewardship of original
member, Mike Love until
the return of Brian Wilson,
Al Jardine, and early
member David Marks in

The Beach Boys'
discography from 1961
to 1984 was originally
released on the vinyl
format, with the 1985
album, The Beach Boys,
being the group's first CD
release. Over the years,
The Beach Boys
catalogue has been
released on reel-to-reel,
8-track, cassette, CD,
MiniDisc, and most
recently, as music
downloads from
a number of digital media
vendors. The discography
of the group consists of
29 studio albums, 4 live
albums, 34 compilation
albums, and 82 singles.
The release dates and
sequence of The Beach
Boys albums in the UK
up to Pet Sounds differ
significantly from the
original U.S. releases.
The Beach Boys
Formed in 1961

Songs Include:
Surfin USA
Surfer Girl
California Girls
I Get Around
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Help Me Rhonda
Don't Worry Baby
God Only Knows
Heroes And Villain's

Original Members:
Brian Wilson
Carl Wilson
Mike Love
Al Jardine
Dennis Wilson

Glen Campbell took
Brian Wilson's place.
Bruce Johnson took
Glen Campbell's place
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