Remembering Barefoot Jerry by Pat Adams
Besides the Charlie Daniels Band, Barefoot Jerry has always been my favorite local
Nashville band. With a mixture of country and rock,
Barefoot Jerry had some of Nashville's
best musicians, in the 1970's. Since many in the band were professional studio musicians,
they rarely played outside of this region, and chose not to tour. This hurt them commercially,
as this band could keep up with the best of 'em. I was lucky enough to see
Barefoot Jerry
many times in the early '70's.
Mac Gayden became known on the Nashville music scene around that time. He and a few
others became known for playing at the Exit In, often. I first saw
Barefoot Jerry in Martin
Tennessee, on the football field, with other southern rock bands including Wet Willie,
headliners the Charlie Daniels Band, and others. I later attended Barefoot Jerry's "
In The Park
" at the Centennial Park bandshell, a free concert in which most of the audience
was barefooted. The concert was so crowded, we couldn't see. My friends and myself, just
sat on the grass and listened to the concert. I went to see
Barefoot Jerry many times in the
1970's at Nashville's Exit In on Elliston Place, a music venue that remains to this day.
I cannot tell you which members played at which shows, as the band was always rotating
members. I can tell you, that
Wayne Moss played at all of the shows. Needless to say,
it was always a great show whoever was playing. I only regret not ever taking a camera.
The albums were great! "
Grocery" was hot in the 1970's, a double album repackaged from
Barefoot Jerry's first two LP's "
Southern Delight" & "Barefoot Jerry". This CD includes early
Barefoot Jerry, including "Hospitality Song", "The Minstrel Is Here At Last" and others by
Mac Gayden. Some of my favorite Wayne Moss songs include "Warm",
Ain't It Nice In Here", "One Woman" and others. A great CD, all the way through.
Barefoot Jerry's 2nd CD includes the LP's "
Watchin' TV" and "You Can't Get Off With Your
Shoes On
". I love this CD, also.
Both (album) title songs received airplay in the '70's, and what a great pair of albums to
put together. Other great songs include "
If There Were Only Time For Love", "Faded Love",
There Must Be A Better Way" (one of my favorites), and many more, including a few nice
sounding instrumental songs.
I do not have the last CD yet, but plan to buy it very soon. The CD includes the LP's
Keys To The Country" and "Barefootin'". I'm not that familiar with the two albums, but if
Barefoot Jerry recorded it, it must be good. I'll get back with you on it.
To this day, The Charlie Daniels Band is heard on the radio daily singing the quote
And all the good people down in Tennessee, are diggin' Barefoot Jerry and the CDB".
Many in Nashville would agree. That quote that was definitely true in the 1970's and in the
mid-80's, Danny Jones (founder of the Creekers Ball) and myself (Pat Adams) called
Wayne Moss, and tried to persuade him to put together a Barefoot Jerry reunion for the
annual Creekers Ball (a charity event, at the time).  Although, Wayne was very nice, and
seemed to enjoy talking about
Barefoot Jerry, he declined to play solo, or with Barefoot
. He stated that he does not perform live anymore. Well, at least we gave it a shot!
Mac Gayden had a hit with "Morning Glory", has had four great albums, and has written
songs including "
She Shot A Hole In My Soul" and the classic, "Everlasting Love".
I have seen
Mac Gayden several times since his Barefoot Jerry days, once solo in the '80's
at Mississippi Whiskers on Church Street in Nashville, and in 2004 at the Nashville's
historic Belcourt Theatre. He now plays with his new band
Zenphonic which includes his
Oceana Gayden and his son Mac Gayden Jr.
Members of
Barefoot Jerry have included many Nashville musicians, since they could
not keep the same lineup together for over seven gigs.
Members included  Wayne Moss,
Mac Gayden, John Harris, Kenny Buttrey, Jim Calvard, Russ Hicks, Charlie McCoy,
Charlie Skipper, Terry Dearmore. Bobby Thompson, Fred Newell, Dave Doran,
Kenny Malone, Si Edwards, Barry Chance, Mike McBride, John Moss, Warren Hartman,
Steve Davis
and others.    

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