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Jan. 25, 1994
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The band was also forced to remove the phrase "as The Beatles". Many had hoped McCartney, Yoko Ono, and others being
represented by Apple Corps Limited, the plaintiff in the case, would be forced to make a trip to Nashville. Apple Corps
is a British organization representing the interests of George Harrison, Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr), Paul McCartney and the
late John Lennon. The Ohio band is a Beatles look-a-like and sound-a-like which recreates and produces exactly a Beatles
concert in the years 1963-1966, the suit added.
   We are sad to announce that Gary Gimes who played Paul died in 2010.
A U.S. District
Judge in
Nashville signed
and agreed to
an order that
protects the
interests of the
Beatles, from
"1964" an Ohio
band. It includes
using the name
or actual
likeness of the
members of the
fab four
A promotional sheet, including song list, from 1992 show
1994 Update:
"1964 As The Beatles"
was court ordered to
remove the phrase
"As The Beatles"
from drum kits
and other displays
"1964" Backstage with Kelli
Pat Adams (myself) from the
Tennessee Concerts website
"1964" As The Beatles
* Middle Tennessee State University *
1992 :  Murfreesboro, Tennessee
The #1 Beatles Tribute Band in the World       
1964 is the only
Beatles Tribute Band
with a U.S. Federal
Court order defining a
written agreement
with Apple Corps Ltd
allowing them to
perform their show
anywhere in the world
The Beatles Apple Corps vs. 1964 As The Beatles
Pictures by    Scott Abney
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