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Winner of our Spring 2009
Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition
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Website by Pat Adams. pat@tennesseeconcerts.com
Within Reason is a rock band from Birmingham, AL that has crawled through mud, doing everything on
their own since the day the band was formed. Selling thousands of cds, touring the country and getting
themselves on worldwide tv are just some of the things this band's will power has proven to do.

In late 2006, Within Reason released their first EP titled “Cycle A Smile”.  Just three short months after releasing their first
album ever, the band started 2007 with a bang.  In January, the ballad “Hold” received over 50,000 votes online for Within
Reason to appear and perform live on the hit T.V. show, “One Tree Hill” to an audience of over 4 million.  Over the next few
months the band shared the stage with many world known acts such as: Chevelle, Saliva, Crossfade, 10 Years, Blackstone
Cherry, Days of the New, Plain White T’s, Blues Traveler, 12 Stones, The Ataris, Pop Evil, Taproot, Trust Company, Rehab,
amongst others.  By mid-May WR had been on worldwide T.V. twice and performed live in front of crowds with some of the
many acts who have inspired the music they write.  Since their television debut, the guys are selling tunes worldwide with a 4 ½
star rating on iTunes.  With support from their dedicated fans, the band was voted “Rock Band of the Year” and “Performer of
the Year”  for the 2008 BAMA Music Awards. So how do you close out such a big year and prepare for 2008?  Playing at the
world famous Whiskey A Go Go on New Years Eve is  how these guys chose to do it.  So what should we expect in 2008?  
The single “Favorite Sin” will be featured on a compilation disc with a segment on the band in the May 2008 issue of Metal
Edge Magazine.  Five songs on a  new PC video game titles Motomax  releasing in June 2008,
In August of 2008 Within Reason went into the studio with Rick Beato to start a new record which was release in February
2009 titled “Bloodshot Life”. Look for news to be posted weekly as the guys are out on the road.

Chris Dow - Vocals
David Koonce - Bass
Mook - Guitar
Adam Jefferson - Guitar
Griffin - Drums

"Cycle A Smile" - 2006
single- "Favorite Sin" and "Let It Out" featured
and performed on One Tree Hill television show
"Bloodshot Life" - 2009

Within Reason links:
Within Reason MySpace:  http://www.withinreasonmusic.com
Sonic Bids EPK page:  www.sonicbids.com/WithinReasonband
This page: www.TennesseeConcerts.com/WithinReason
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Quote from Pat Adams at TennesseeConcerts.com
"For three nights we listened to songs by Sonic Bids artists from all over the
world. On the third night it came down to Within Reason as being the best band
(or artist). This band really has some good music."  Be sure to check out Within
Thanks to Gary Allen from the Charlie Daniels Band for helping me
judge the contest. See Gary's comments below.

Quote from Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band
and JJ Cale) - Editor of The Music City Beat!
I suspected Within Reason would be tough to beat during the first round of the
TennesseeConcerts Talent Competition. These rockers from Birmingham,
Alabama are the very first winner of Pat Adams new Sonic Bids international
talent search.
Bloodshot Life is the new CD. The songs are crisp, well executed & masterfully
recorded. Chris Dow delivers on lead vocals and has a voice for rock and roll.
Mook, David, Griffin and Adam round out the band bringing skilled musicianship,
memorable melodies and cool but stinging riffs to the table. They play with
energy and abilities of seasoned professionals.
Things are happening fast for these guys with solid reviews, sales around the
globe and live television exposure.       
I played The Whisky A Go Go  last on a Tuesday night. Within Reason played
New Years Eve! No one likes a showoff, except me of course. Congratulations
on being #1!
Sonic Bids Tennessee Concerts
Talent Competition Spring 2009
1st Place:
Within Reason
from Birmingham AL
Within Reason - Favorite Sin  
Music and Lyrics - Great song!
Within Reason @ Rockingham's
Within Reason - One Tree Hill TV show promo
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