Weston James
Winner of the Fall of 2010 Tennessee Concerts Song Contest with Jose, Jack and Jim
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Jose, Jack, & Jim by Weston James
hey everyone, this is an updated video for my song Jose, jack, and Jim. Its a little
clearer and the dogs are a lot more talkative. LOL Hope you enjoy - Weston James
Weston James
They say Nashville is a five to ten year town for songwriters,
meaning that's how long on average for a songwriter to have
any major movement in the positive direction regarding their
career.  That is assuming, of course that the songwriter has
the talent,  the drive, and the determination, and the
perseverance to last that long before they give up and go
back to where they come from.  Well, Weston James certainly
has the talent, as a former US Army Combat Veteran with over
11 years of service to his Country,  he definitely possesses all
those other traits as well, but it still was both a shock and a joy
for Wes to learn that he was a finalist in CMT's Music City
Madness Competition one year to the date of his arrival in
Nashville.  Even though he ultimately did not win the contest,
being selected as a finalist in the national level contest
affirmed to him that he indeed had made the right career path
choice and that he would be in Nashville for a long time to

Wes achieve several major milestones in his first year and
has continued that trend to present:  In addition to the Music
City Madness Competition recognition, he also was chosen for
an Honorable Mention in the International Singer Songwriter
Association's Awards in 2009 for his song "Sweet Watermelon Girl."  He wrote, performed, and recorded his debut CD,  
"Country & Weston",  (released June 2009) , which had has considerable airplay on several independent AM/FM syndication
radio programs, and is currently almost finished with his second CD or original songs which he plans to release in the fall of  

His music has been compared as the resulting product of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young combining forces to write a
country album.  As Wes himself says,  his music is a little bit rock,  and whole lot of country, but 100% all Weston.  He has a
unique vocal style which "almost compels one to listen."  His lyrics are "intuitive  and intelligent"  and definitely in the "folks can
relate to category."  

Weston has a become a well known and favorite performer in many of the singer/songwriter venues around Nashville and he
also plays other venues when traveling.  Visit his website at  http://www.westonjamesmusic.com and say hello!

A Message from Gary Allen
Weston James is the first country winner of Pat Adams’ Tennessee Concerts
2010 Song Competition, and it’s been a long time coming. He no doubt feels
comfortable on either side of The Mason Dixon line, a little bit country and southern
rock played New York City style. When the Charlie Daniels Band invaded New York
City with our confederate flag backdrop and South’s gonna do it again anthem, we
didn’t have a clue how it was going to play either. Weston is a Combat Veteran that
was awarded the Bronze Star Medal as well, so he is a good man under fire and
ready to take it to the streets to take on the music business. If I had been packing a
gun I could have collected more royalties along the way myself.

Wes has a new CD, Country & Weston with all new original tunes recorded here in
Music City. Born in Boston, Massachusetts he is now proud to be a Nashville native.
The new tracks are a fusion of several genres, even alternative rock that don't fit
squarely into a definitive box. I like an artist that does things his way.
Radio is overloaded with pop country sounding records. He can do straight ahead country but he sees a bigger picture.
His songs are interesting, personal and the lyrics tell stories that pull you in and make you listen closer the second time.
What An Honor is a gripping song that is the result of his military service and is straight from the heart and full of emotion.

The versatility, arrangements and melodies are catchy and interesting with definite cross over appeal. The stand out track in
my opinion is the song that won the Sonicbids contest, Jose, Jim and Jack. A clever song about the pitfalls of friends in a bottle
and the morning after revelations. Another personal favorite of mine is She Ain’t In My Heart. These are country lyrics that hit
the mark. Well produced and pleasantly intuitive. The clarity of the vocals really elevate this CD as well as the connection
Wes has with the lyrics. Together with his affable personality, distinguished vocals, and easy-going charm it all adds up to and
overall impressive career starter. When Weston follows this up with more of the same he can quit his day job and ride a Silver
Eagle to work. Congratulations my friend and thanks for your service to the nation. A great songwriter and a true patriot!

Gary Allen (JJ Cale, The Charlie Daniels Band/Stonewall Jackson)

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