Val Halla
Winner of the Summer of 2009
Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition
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Val Halla
I called Val, Marilyn from the first listen to her Sonicbids EPK, and after just a few strums and her no nonsense
approach to the guitar, suspected she would be the winner of this round. Her sound is a little bit pop and a whole lot
of electric attitude. If Nancy Wilson could sing like Val, she could have kept all the money. I have always been a fan of
Chrissie Hynde because she sings and plays as good as any guy. So does Val Halla. Val riffs and revs it up like a
rock star and knocks you over with tasteful solos. The songs are clever and I immediately pictured Bonnie Raitt with
the bad attitude of Joan Jett. Val is not afraid to step out of the ladylike gender roles from times gone by, and she no
doubt invokes a lot of air guitar with her live show. Elle Magazine did a top ten list of women guitarists and in my
opinion Val could be right up there with up and coming players like Orianthi, from Michael Jackson’s band who I think
also ranks up there with any male guitarist  (Carlos Santana says he would have no problem passing the torch to
her). Val is a bad ass though and may club you over the head with the torch. I like that of course. She possibly would
not beat me up, as her Dad is a Canadian fiddler that loves The Charlie Daniels Band. I have that going for me. One
more comparison and I’ll stop. I hear Lita Ford in some of the more metal style shredding, but with more of a hard
rock edge that suits her songs and style. Best of all her music is a sexy riff filled group of songs, that are accessible,
well performed and she has a musical maturity beyond her years. She is high energy, has a wicked tight band, and
she won me over. Now please don’t hurt me, I’m one of your fans. Congratulations, you’re going to Disneyland !

Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson)
Summer 2009 Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition
1st Place: Val Halla
from Nashville Tennessee
Val Halla playing "The Bad Girl Touch"
at the TennesseeConcerts sponsored
Play It Again Jam on October 11, 2009.
Playing in the band with Val were late Tag Graves (who played with
Lita Ford, Blackfoot & Molly Hatchet), Mike Guathier (who has played
with Taylor Swift and many others), plus other professional musicians.
Video by Pat Adams from
Val Halla YouTube Videos
When Val Halla was only 12 years old she purchased her first guitar magazine.  At the time Val had just started learning songs of the 90’s grunge
movement, playing on an old nylon string classical guitar her grandfather had given to her mother.  After a few years of lessons focusing on grunge
and rock n roll, Val’s guitar teacher was finally able to persuade her parents to buy her an electric guitar. “All I was playing was Nirvana and Classic
Rock.”  says Halla, now 25. “My guitar teacher saw how I was struggling with this thick fretboard on the nylon string with my tiny hands, trying to play
Aneurysm, and just couldn’t stand to watch it anymore.” Thanks to Halla’s childhood guitar teacher, she soon discovered the joys of overdriven
guitar tones and new sonic and technical landscapes she had never before dreamed of. Now an endorsing artist for both Mack Amps (www. and Carparelli Guitars (, she has found a unique style and sound all her own, and is making big
waves in the guitar and music communities alike.
Val Halla’s song “The Bad Girl Touch” was featured and reviewed in the November 2009 issue of Guitar Player magazine by the Editor in Chief
himself, Michael Molenda. Molenda made note of Halla’s “seductive singing and coy lyrics” in addition to a positive review of her playing abilities.
Only a few weeks later Halla was contacted by Guitar World Magazine to be featured in their 2009 Holiday Buyer’s Guide. Gary Allen, best known for
his days drumming in the Charlie Daniels Band and with guitar legend JJ Cale, remarked “If Nancy Wilson could sing like Val Halla, she could
have kept all the money.” Steve Gunner of Creedance Clearwater Revisted testifies “She is very talented, and has a great future in the music
business.” Gunner adds that Halla “is serious about her craft, and I admire her determination.” That determination was first demonstrated just
after Halla turned 17 years old, moving two provinces away to the big city of Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue her music further.  “My parents
didn’t believe me that I was going for music. They asked me if there was some guy who was brain washing me to go out there.  I just told them I
knew I had to go, because the music was out there calling to me. I don’t blame them for thinking I was crazy!” After 7 years in Vancouver, 3 full
length albums, a cross Canada tour, and a 3 year audio engineering apprenticeship, Halla decided it was time to take back her base on the
prairies in her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan. She is now able to spend her time touring extensively all over Canada and the United States,
and working with great writer’s, producers, and players in her part time home of Nashville, TN. “Being in Nashville this past year has really kicked
me into overdrive. Its turned my playing, writing, and performing skills up to 11!” laughed Halla. “I feel so proud of the songs I’ve been writing lately
because I feel like they are the most sincere compositions I’ve ever made.  I’ve been able to come to terms with some of the struggles I’ve gone
through in my life and some that I still am going through. I’m hoping to give other people inspiration or relief in the face of their own struggles, by
writing in the most honest way I can.  I want to know I’m not in this alone, and I want them to know that too.” Halla’s new album is scheduled to be
released in January of 2010.  It will be her first full length release in two and a half years. “No one has accused me of being lazy because most
people have seen me out busting my ass these last few years.  I basically threw myself into my own strict boot camp.  I wanted this next album to
be a journey, so I’ve been playing live shows like a mad woman, working on my sound and playing, then writing like a lunatic every day.  Most
record labels these days want nothing to do with artist development, so I decided to put myself through it the old fashioned way, before even
approaching the labels.  The funny thing is now that I’ve done it, I’m starting to see interested parties come looking. It’s a good feeling, but you just
hope that the momentum continues and that some of those boomerangs you started throwing out years ago, are about to come back and knock
you off your feet. My biggest fear is having someone else force me to make music in a way that I don’t want to make it, so my main focus is still to
hone my own craft, and keep developing and growing as an artist. Whatever comes after that  shouldn’t be too frightening!”

Val Halla being interviewed about Val Halla tour as well as moving to
Nashville on the Vancouver Global Morning News show
Val Halla sings her song "Angle Inside"
on  the Global Morning News Show in Vancouver
Val Halla's Winning Plaque
Val Halla interview on March 3, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder
This is a very good interview with Val, as she tell her story
Pictures of Val Halla at Nashville's Play It Again Jam,
with jam co-host Pat Adams from
The Tennessee Concerts Sponsored
Tennessee Concerts
Song Contest
Val Halla opened on Ted Nugent's 2010 Tour
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Ted Nugent with special guest Val Halla