C.D.B. guy?
CDB drummer
Jack Gavin
could also be
seen playing at
3rd & Lindsley
on this night.
Jack played
with the
Charlie Daniels
Band from
Barry Barnes, Nick Rather,
C.J. Dubuisson
& Tony Beazley (below)
Chad Harman
Alex Castiello
THE OUTFIT at 3rd & Lindsley in downtown Nashville
Mike McIllwain, Tony Beazley and C.J. Dubuisson & Gary Allen on September 13, 2007
Seen at The Outfit's 3rd & Lindsley Show
Barry Barnes from the Charlie Daniels Band, JJ Cale, Push, The Jets, The Shades
Nick Rather from Mac Gayden & Skyboat, J.J. Cale, The Jets, Gary Lewis & The Playboys  
C.J. Dubuisson
from The Outfit and co-host of the Nashville "Play It Again Jam"
Pat Adams from www.TennesseeConcerts.com (this web site)
The sound was good, the food was good and the bands were great. The drummer for the Rock & Load Show was
Jack Gavin formally of the Charlie Daniels Band at 3rd & Lindsley. Barry Barnes was also a member of The CDB, and
Nick Rather works with me and JJ Cale. Nick is currently with Gary Lewis & The Playboys. LA LA LA NICE LADEEEE!
Pat put down the gun I could stop now.
CJ Dubuisson/guitar and Mike McIllwain/guitar. My brother Jason says La Grange kicked some ass. No one yelled
"Freebird" so we did
That Smell and Whats Your Name. We added a medley of Just Got Paid and Train Train to turn up the
excitement level a few notches.
Chad Harmon, singer from the Toxic Pistols, came to the show as well as Alex Castiello, The show was a success and we
headed for the Krispy Kreme HOT LIGHT! Also on bass
Tony "Killer" Beazley and special thanks to Dave Hofer for the
Long Island Ice Tea and
Pat Adams for being my roadie. He stopped eating and brought me a beer.
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