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Ryman Auditorium on March 11, 2015
Pictures & review courtesy of LaVon DuBois - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Santana - Oye Como Va & Smooth at the
Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on March 11, 2015
A ticket stub from when Santana played at Nashville's
Starwood Amphitheater in 1990. Price $6.00 (Lawn)
Carlos Santana, the Mexican –American fiery, spiritual, master of the guitar has
been playing music professionally since the 1960’s. He appeared Wednesday night
at Nashville’s own “Mother Church” the Ryman.  He started out his show,
“The Corazon Tour” very appreciative of the crowd and very humble to be a part of
our grand venue by saying, “This is the temple… I know where I’m at and I never go
to church without my Congas.”  
The crowd was once again a mixture of ages young and old. However, this crowd
seemed a bit different in excitement and anticipation of the show that was to come.
Maybe it was just me; he is my all time favorite. The crowd was on their feet
through most of the show swaying and shimmying as I call it. If you have ever
heard his music you know that it is a challenge to stand still and not move.
He plays a combo of Latin, jazz, and blues that makes the body and soul move.
He played one of my all time favorite instrumentals, “Europa” Earth’s Cry
Heaven’s Smile and the crowd was mesmerized. Then for a little rock and roll the
crowd was on their feet with another favorite “Smooth”.  He also plays for the
crowd one of his new songs, “Blackie Joe” a pretty catchy tune.
Santana’s wife, Cindy Blackman sits in on drums and plays a solo that was out of
this world. She is an amazing drummer along with the other eleven or so band
members. His percussion section is awesome as well as brass, guitar, keyboards
and bass. I can’t forget to mention the lead vocals of Andy Vargus and Tony
Lindsay, you guys brought it, and you’re amazing.
Carlos said he would give you a show you would never forget, a special show.
He was right. The best show I have ever seen from the most precious and
humble man. You rock Santana, please come back to see the Musical City!
We love you and no we will never forget!
Santana - Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Ryman Auditorium by LaVon DuBois
Santana - Oye Como Va
March 11, 2015 - Ryman Auditorium