On July 17th, 1974 Paul McCartney & Wings left the mid-state area after six weeks of rehearsing &
recording in
Nashville Tennessee. The McCartney's had rented a 133 acre ranch near Lebanon from
Curley "Junior" Putnam, who wrote "Green Green Grass Of Home". Most of the time
was spent rehearsing Wings and jamming with local musicians including guitarist
Chet Atkins, pianist
Floyd Cramer, fiddle player Vasser Clements, banjo player Bobby Thompson & the Cate Sisters.
We had great fun using pedal guitars, fiddles and banjo's. The musicians out of Nashville are a great pleasure to work with
because they are so sharp and professional. In an informal press conference held on the front porch of the ranch Paul said:
I came here because Nashville is the music center. I hope to return sometime in the near future and do an American Tour.
If it does develop, there are definite plans for a Nashville concert. We just couldn't skip Nashville, we have too many friends here.
The trouble is that since I've been here, I've promised a lot of people that I would write songs for them. It's amazing the people
that want songs, like
Johnny Cash and Charlie Rich. You'd think they would have plenty of material but they all tell us, they
don't have enough good songs.
Eloise" written by Paul's father 20 years earlier. Also recorded was a "country flavored" song called "Sally G", written by Paul after
Printers Alley. He was impressed not only with Nashville, but the musicians and the Sound Shop studio where he worked,
usually from 6pm to midnight.
Opryland USA Theme Park.They attended a fiddle contest, saw Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner perform together
(the last time, for over a decade), they see
Gordon Stoker (singer with Elvis Presley's backing group The Jordanaires). Also
they frequented there favorite local restaurant, the
Loveless Motel, and a few drive-in movies. One evening Roy Orbison came
over for a supper, cooked by Linda. We went to
Rivergate Mall, and in the evening we had a barbeque down on a lake, but the next
day, we were back to rehearsing for possible future tours and recordings. Most of the time we rehearsed in a garage, next to the house.
Among the thirty pieces \of luggage loaded when leaving, was a Honda motorcycle. Paul's immediate plans were to do a follow up
album to "
Band On The Run" in the near future. "Beyond that, I don't know. I could for all I know, write a great rock and roll epic.
And then I could do nothing"
Paul McCartney flew his Wings to Nashville, heart of the country music scene in the USA, and the world The idea:
to have fun, to rehearse,to record, meet old friends and make new ones, to enjoy, last but not least,a jolly holiday.
The mission was accomplished and all were achieved.
Wings member
Denny Laine former singer of the
Moody Blues
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Beatle Paul McCartney and Beatles Fan Dan Ealey 1974 in Nashville.
He was my hero, I set out to meet him and ended up hanging out with
Paul McCartney and Wings for three weeks in 1974. Check this out.
Paul McCartney & Wings : "Sally G" [Remasters 2014] [1974]
Recorded in Nashville, a song about Nashville's own Printers Alley
Rare video of Paul McCartney & Wings
in Nashville at Sound Shop Studios, July, 1974

Extremely rare home movie shot on Super 8mm by a kid named Gil Gillam,
who Paul and Linda let in the studio to hang with them for the day.
Paul, Linda and Wings were recording "Junior's Farm" and "Sally G" at the time.

LINK:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eBxvknUbW8
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