Marshall Tucker
Formed 1971
Spartanburg SC

Toy Caldwell
George McCorkle
Doug Gray
Paul Riddle
Tommy Caldwell

Toy Caldwell &
Tommy Caldwell
have since died.

Singer Doug Gray
remains the only
original member of
Marshall Tucker

Then Marshall
Tucker Band
southern rock with
pop, country,
ballad and jazz
The self titled
debut was
released in March
1973 and they
were openers for
the Allman
Brothers Tour.
By 1974 they were
headliners. The
bands songs
received much FM
airplay, especially
Can't You See
Take The Highway,
24 Hours At A
Fire On The
MTB's debut
album went gold
by five other
gold records ,
plus one
platinum album
Carolina Dreams
which included
1977's Heard It In
A Love Song

Shown at the right
are the latest
band members of
Doug Gray's
Tucker Band
Southern Rock Pictures

Allman Brothers Band
Mac Gayden & Billy Cox
Charlie Daniels Band
Winters Brothers Band
Mac & Oceana Gayden
Marshall Tucker Band
Dickey Betts
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Deep South
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Van Zant
Volunteer Jam
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Nashville Area Concerts
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Marshall Tucker Band
June 3, 2000:  Nashville Tennessee
* Starwood Amphitheater *
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Original Singer and remaining member Doug Gray
The Marshall Tucker Band
The latest members of the Marshall Tucker Band
Below: Rare Candid Pictures of original Marshall Tucker Band members,
on the road by Charlie Daniels Band drummer
Gary Allen in the early 1970's
Original Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer Toy Caldwell's Death notice
A rare early road picture of Toy Caldwell & Charlie Daniels on the tour bus
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George McCorkle
Paul Riddle
1970's ticket stubs
from Marshall Tucker
Band concert in
Nashville at the
Municipal Auditorium
A faded photograph of the
Marshall Tucker Band
performing in Nashville Tennessee
taken by myself with a cheap camera
The original Marshall Tucker Band perform 24 Hours At A Time
Classic Jam live from Volunteer Jam #2 in Murfreesboro TN (1975)
Coutesy of tellittothedevil & YouTube
George McCorkle by
I'm sad to hear about the
passing of George
McCorkle. Out of the
hundreds of concerts that
I have attended since
1970, I have seen the
Marshall Tucker Band
& the Charlie Daniels
Band more than anybody.
Marshall Tucker was hot!
They would always sell
out in the '70's when
playing in Nashville,
sometimes even adding
a second show, the next
night. The albums were
I saw Marshall Tucker for
the first time (in the early
1970's) at Nashville's
Municipal Auditorium with
the Charlie Daniels Band,
and Black Oak Arkansas.
I immediately went out
and bought Marshall
Tuckers first album.
From then on, I was a fan,
I bought the albums and
went to the concerts
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