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Below: Rare Candid Pictures of original Marshall Tucker Band members,
on the road by Charlie Daniels Band drummer
Gary Allen in the early 1970's
Original Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer Toy Caldwell's Death notice
George McCorkle
Paul Riddle
1970's ticket stubs
from Marshall Tucker
Band concerts in
Nashville at the
Municipal Auditorium
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Volunteer Jam - Marshall Tucker Band
Amsouth Amphitheater (formally Starwood) on June 3, 2000
Pictures by Pat Adams - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Members of the Marshall Tucker Band in 2000 (below)
Original singer and remaining MTB member Doug Gray
Memories of the Original Marshall Tucker Band
A faded photo that I took of the original Marshall Tucker Band in 1977.
Pat Adams from Tennessee Concerts
Toy Caldwell & Charlie Daniels
Related Marshall Tucker Band Videos
Charlie joins The Marshall Tucker Band for "24 Hours at a Time"
at Volunteer Jam II at Murphy Center in Murfreesboro, TN on Sept. 12, 1975
Toy Caldwell & George McCorkle from Marshall Tucker Band
The Volunteer Jam V - Can't You See from 1979
The late Toy Caldwell (singer) & George McCorkle (black shirt) from the Marshall
Tucker Band at Volunteer Jam V in Nashville. Other players include Artimus Pyle
from Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Charlie Daniels Band including the late Tommy Crain
on guitar and the late Taz DiGregorio on keyboards. This was recorded at
Nashville's Municipal Auditorium.
The late Toy Caldwell joins the CDB on stage to perform
"Can't You See" at Volunteer Jam XIII
at Starwood Amphitheater in Nashville, TN on September 6, 1987.
Tom Snyder Interviews Marshall Tucker Members
The late Toy Caldwell & George McCorkle, plus Paul Riddle
The Marshall Tucker Band
The Marshall Tucker Band is an American Southern rock/country rock band originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina.
The band's blend of rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and gospel helped establish the Southern rock genre in
the early 1970s. While the band had reached the height of its commercial success by the end of the decade,
the band has recorded and performed continuously under various lineups for 45 years.

The original lineup of the Marshall Tucker Band, formed in 1972, included lead guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter
Toy Caldwell (1947–1993), lead vocalist Doug Gray (born 1948), keyboard player, saxophone player, and flautist Jerry Eubanks
(born 1950), rhythm guitarist George McCorkle (1946–2007), drummer Paul Riddle (born 1953), and bassist Tommy Caldwell
(1949–1980). They signed with Capricorn Records and in 1973 released their first LP, The Marshall Tucker Band.

The Marshall Tucker Band's self-titled debut, produced by Paul Hornsby, was released in 1973, and certified gold in 1975. All of the
tracks were written by Toy Caldwell, including "Can't You See", which was released in 1973 on Capricorn 0023 ("Bubbled Under" at
No. 108 on 1 September 1973) and re-released in 1977 on Capricorn 0278 (peaked at No. 75 on 24 September 1977). After the
album's release, the band began touring, playing upwards of 300 shows per year throughout the decade. Southern rock fiddler
Charlie Daniels later recalled that the Marshall Tucker Band "came onstage and just blew it out from start to finish."
Daniels' first of many collaborations with the Marshall Tucker Band came on the band's second album, A New Life, which was
released in 1974, and certified gold in 1977. Daniels and blues guitarist Elvin Bishop were among several musicians that joined the
band for Where We All Belong, a double-album (one studio album and one live album) released by the band in 1974 and certified
gold that same year. The following year the band's Searchin' for a Rainbow was also certified gold the year of its release, and
contained the track "Fire on the Mountain," which peaked at No. 38 on the Billboard charts. Long Hard Ride, the band's fifth
consecutive gold album, was released in 1976, and its instrumental title track (which again features Charlie Daniels on fiddle) was
nominated for a Grammy. Carolina Dreams, released in 1977 and certified platinum that same year, proved to be the band's most
commercially successful album, and included the track "Heard It in a Love Song," which reached No. 14 on the Billboard charts.
The band's final Capricorn release came with 1978's Together Forever, which was produced by Stewart Levine. Following the
bankruptcy of Capricorn, The Marshall Tucker Band moved to Warner Bros. Records for their ninth album, Running Like the Wind
(the band's eighth release was a compilation album entitled Greatest Hits), and they retained Levine as the album's producer.
My Memories of the Marshall Tucker Band by Pat Adams from Tennessee Concerts

I first saw the Marshall Tucker Band in 1974 with the Charlie Daniels Band & Black Oak Arkansas.
I went out and bought there first album after seeing them open for Black Oak in Nashville.
About 1974, I also saw the MTB with Lynyrd Skynyrd & the Allman Brothers at Atlanta Stadium.
I saw the MTB in New Orleans at City Park Stadium July 4, 1977 with Heart, Jerry Jeff Walker.
I saw them in concert many times around Nashville, plus a few Volunteer Jam concerts.
I was at Volunteer Jam II when the whole Marshall Tucker Band played (see video below).
I've seen Toy Caldwell perform Can't You See at many of the Nashville Volunteer Jam concerts.
One night I was at Fannys (club) in Nashville & Toy Caldwell came in and played, after an MTB show.
My favorite MTB albums are Where We All Belong, Seachin' For A Rainbow & Carolina Dreams.
I would have to say that the original Marshall Tucker Band was my favorite southern rock band.
Volunteer Jam