Little Feat live at the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam
Little Feat plays their hit song Dixie Chicken
Volunteer Jam - Little Feat
Starwood Amphitheater on June 3, 2000
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Little Feat - Formed 1969 - Los Angeles California

Band Members - Lowell George, Bill Payne, Richard Hayward, Roy Estrada

1972: Kenny Gradney, Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Lowell George:
* In 1979 Lowell George died of a heart attack

In 1988, thegroup re-forms
with Barrere, Payne, Hayward, Clayton, Gradney. plus new members Craig Fuller and Fred Tackett.

Little Feat mixed every strain of Southern Music including blues, gospel, rockabilly, boogie, New Orleans R&B and Memphis funk,
with surreal lyrics and a sense of absurdity and professionalism that could only have come from Southern California.Despite this
Little Feat had two gold records, and the live album Waiting for Columbus went platinum. Little Feat became one of California's most
infuencial band of the seventies.
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