John Thibodeaux
Winner of the Winter of 2010
Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition
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John Thibodeaux

John Thibodeaux, of Beaumont Texas is the  latest, and first
country winner of Tennessee Concerts brand new Sonicbids Song
Competition, and it could not of happened to a more deserving cowboy.

I know a few things about high energy country music from my days with the Charlie Daniels
Band and from hanging with the Ragin’ Cajun fiddler, Doug “Louisiana Man” Kershaw. It’s
wild, rough, contagious and a few more adjectives. Pat is a rock and roll guy, but he likes
anything well performed and delivered with precision, like John’s first single Simple Life.
I am a panel judge for this showdown, and very much appreciate an artist with tricks in his
bag. John is an accomplished accordianist (that’s a word; I Googled it), and belts out
catchy country vocals and clever lyrics served up with a side of  “everything’s bigger
and better in Texas” cajun attitude.

John is enjoying worldwide airplay on  internet radio and adding commercial radio to his
current successes as I type. In my estimation, he will not retain independent artist status
long.  I hear a real connection between John and the art of crafting a song. After reviewing
the Simple Life CD, I found all the tracks to be energetic and compelling, where most new
artists spend more time recording and writing the lead single. Nice harmonies, great guitar
work and John has a great voice for radio.

The arrangements are fresh and he doesn’t remind me of any other artist out there.
That’s how it’s done son. Congratulations! See you on the music charts, right below me.
I’m not that nice of a guy!

Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson)
John Thibodeaux YouTube video



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John Thibodeaux Interview Interview with Jim King
DJ KYKR 95.1 on Jim King of the Road Show on Fox
64 with clips from the Madison's CD Release Party
John Thibodeaux is a refreshing step into the future of country music. A pure blend of
hard-hitting, high energy, hard rockin, country. For all of those who think country music
is a lesser, duller, more uneventful form of music... buckle up, this is John Thibodeaux.

John was a high energy young man from the start. At a very young age, John grew
a deep passion for music. Spending long days practicing and honing his talent for playing
instruments, four to be exact, and songwriting.

John started out catching the music bug at the tender age of 7. Entertaining people by
the age of 14, John started playing professionally in clubs as a drummer for his dad's
cajun, country band. And, like most young people he also played in a high school Rock
band, which by the way played paying gigs in Houston clubs, while the oldest member
was 17 years old. After graduating high school, John joined the Army and his music
followed. Forming a band in Georgia, his band was a sought after act by clubs in Georgia
and Florida.

After leaving Georgia, John decided to come home to Southeast Texas, home to Tracy
Byrd, Clay Walker, George Jones, Mark Chesnutt, and Janis Joplin. He was a regular guest
on the Charlie Pruitts Country Music Show, that showcased Tracy Byrd and Mark Chesnutt
before they got there start, held at the Jefferson Theater in Beaumont Texas. He was often
selected to appear on T.V. spots to showcase him and advertise the show. He was also
voted Entertainer of the Year by the audience, who voted every month in a 12 month
period and at the end of the year John had the most votes, he was even voted for on the
months he didn't perform.

As a result of his success on the show he was featured in Newspaper articles and was
sought after by local area bands.

John Thibodeaux brings not only raw, pure country talent, but he brings honesty, integrity,
and an all-american charm to the stage. His fresh, new country sound is greeted with open
arms by fans, and his charismatic stage appeal only multiply with every performance. John
also prides himself with his songwriting. A current member of BMI, John possesses a
fantastic creative writing talent, as evident in his new debut CD "Simple Life".
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