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Kenny Utterback performs "Thrill Is Gone"
Kenny Utterback from "Pacific Gas & Electric" performing B.B. King's
"Thrill Is Gone" at the Jam in Nashville Tennessee at the
December 2008 musicians jam. The musicans jam
is held at Windows Off The Cumberland
Video by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
Pictures & Videos from the December 2008 Play It Again Jam
at Windows Off The Cumberland on 2nd Avenue in Nashville Tennessee
Pictures & Videos by Pat Adams. Click on pictures to enlarge to full screen
Timmy Ryan performs "Just Like Me"
See Timmy Ryan at the Musicians Jam, a Nashville rock & roll jam
at Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville TN, on Dec. 28, 2008
Video by Pat Adams
Mitchell Savage doing "Down By The River" at the Jam
"Down By The River" at Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville
Tennessee with Mitchell Savage on vocals. The return of the jam,
this time at Windows Off The Cumberland in Nashville Tennessee.
Video by Pat Adams
The Jam plays "Mohair Sam"
Andy Olsen on vocals. The Jam is a Nashville Tennessee
Musicians Jam at Windows Off The Cumberland,
downtown on 2nd Avenue South.
Video by Pat Adams
Next Jam: December 28, 2008 at Windows Off The Cumberland, 515 Second Avenue South, Nashville TN
Video of the December Musicians Jam
The Musicians Jam in Nashville Tennessee, a rock and roll
musicians jam at
Windows Off The Cumberland on Nov 30, 2008
Players include
Kenny Utterback, Walter Jowers, Andy Olsen,
Robert Kinsall, Matt Jacobs, Justin Melton, Brian Wade, Timmy Ryan,
Mitchell Savage, Mike Broward, Tom Reisner
and Boots Hill.
Video by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
Kenny Utterback
Mike Broward
Matt Jacobs
Dustin Melton
Walter Jowers
Andy Olsen
Brian Wade
Timmy Ryan
Mitchell Savage
Tom Reisner
Robert Kinsall
Boots Hill
Drummer and bar owner of
Windows Off The Cumberland
Pat Adams
This weeks host, as well as
Photographer, Videographer
TennesseeConcerts Editor
Matt Jacobs (playing the Sunburst Les Paul and jamming on the Zeppelin stuff)
on guitar and a few Rolling Stones songs.  He is scheduled to play @ Windows on
February 21 @ 7 pm. He calls his act "Psychedelic Acoustic".  It is a solo act that
starts out with some Acoustic guitar pieces and vocal songs some original and
some by groups like Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Dylan, Beatles, etc. He eventually
goes "out" with some psychedelic improv and come back in to another piece
of music much like the Grateful Dead. Matt also does a writers night
called "The Flush" Sunday January 4th sometime between 9pm and 9:30
at the Commodore Lounge on west end across from Centennial  park.  
Timmy Ryan has been playing guitar since he was 7 years old (he's 28 now) . He also plays bass,
banjo, and drums. He has worked in the radio/music industry for over 12 years. Timmy has worked
as a radio DJ for over 16 radio  stations Timmy was the road/tour manager/guitar tech for legendary
guitar player Dick Dale. He has worked as Media Relations for writer, arranger, producer, original bass
player, and multi Grammy award winner  KC and The Sunshine band Rick Finch.
He sang lead vocals on a political  parody song that was played over and over on
several radio shows, including the nationally syndicated  “Thom Hartman Show”.
Timmy was the Executive Producer for Mark Lindsay’s (former lead singer of Paul Revere and
the Raiders- the guy who sang on ALL of their hits in the 60's and 70's) radio show “Mark Lindsay’s
Rock n Roll Café”.
He moved to Nashville, from Portland, OR in late November of this year, after getting fed up
with the lack of music scene, and the crumbling corporate controlled radio industry of Portland.
He currently works as a radio DJ at a local Nashville radio station, besides playing music.
Pictured (at the right): Timmy onstage in front of 10,000 people at the " Oregon Jamboree",
the middle is Timmy Ryan with Marv and Rindy Ross, the main members behind " Quarterflash."
The last picture includes Jenna Smith, daughter of Raider Mike "Smitty" Smith sang in his swing/
rockabilly/ jazz band " Tim Ryan and The Pitbosses", as did  her mom- Mike's widow at one point.
Tiger Gagan

Tiger Gagan, aka Tim Gagan, is
a left handed slide guitar player.
His slide guitar playing is
ferocious fun. It's like Elmore
James and Link Wray going to
surf together. Tiger Gagan puts
his songwriting on songs that
will be a whole lotta doggone
fun for the audience, with
electric guitars, usually a
Telecaster, and homemade
tube amps he builds himself.
That's tube amplifiers, old
fashonied style. He gets a fine
raw southpay sound that's filled
with excitement and fun. He also
built his own lefty guitar, that red
Telecaster. He performs as a
solo act, singing and playing
slide guitar, and also as a
leader of the instrumental blues
rock and surf trio Wild Animal.
It's slide guitar, it's ferocious, it's
Elmore James and Link Wray
never played music on a
southpaw guitar. They both
used an amplifier; Elmore was
known to use a Magnatone
amp, while Link Wray cut holes
in his speakers to make it
sound more exciting. Elmore
James was also known to
modify his amps and guitars,
and his music had a profound
affect on Tiger.
Tiger Gagan started traveling
early. When he was two months
old, he took an airplane trip from
St. Louis, MO to live in
Albuquerque, NM. From the
ashes of his first band that
played original music rather
than cover tunes, Tiger formed a
musical partnership with Scott
Cadenasso. This is a
partnership that re-emerges in
some form or another just about
anytime Tiger returns to Santa
Fe. In an early foray away from
that partnership, a harrowing
experience with a Top 40 circuit
band brought Gagan an ever
greater belief in the beauty of
playing his own music.
With that on his mind,
he moved to Seattle in 1982.
Working in a restaurant with
future members of Seattle punk
band Gas Huffer, Gagan
developed an appreciation for
slam dancing. Also while in
Seattle, he finally got to see a
longtime idol, Buddy Guy. In the
meantime, Tiger returned to
New Mexico, at first resuming
his partnership with
Cadenasso. When the seminal
Santa Fe punk band, 27 Devils
Joking lost their original guitar
player, Gagan stepped in to
soak up the rush of energy
generated by the slam dancers.
That rush was nonetheless
insufficient to keep the
wanderlust at bay--after a
couple years, Gagan left the
Devils and took a turn south
toward Latin America.
Graduating in 1992, Tiger
returned to Santa Fe and spent
three years working running an
office and organizing
fundraising events by day, while
moonlighting as a country guitar
player and a Bicho by night.
After another trip to South
America, circumstances once
again took him back to New
Mexico, this time to form the
world's only double doubleneck
lefthand band with his brother
Joe. For nearly a decade, Tiger
divided his time between hard-
rocking Gagan Bros Band gigs
and road trips, building guitar
amplifiers, teaching guitar, and
hosting blues jams.
As the doubleneck adventures
were slowly winding to a close,
Tiger was recruited into Bing, a
motley experimental/world-
music crew consisting of
accordion, tuba, electric bass,
saxophone, electric guitar,
drums, and vocals. Musically
invigorating though that was,
Tiger was ready to move on
again. In 2006 he came to
Nashville, where he now heads
up Wild Animal, a double-duty
combo that leads one life as an
instrumental blues-rock-surf trio
and a a second backing the
great Blues singer Mississippi
Millie. Tiger and Millie also
perform as duo, known as--what
else?--Mississippi Millie and
Tiger Gagan. What is the sum of
all this music and travelling
around? A musician in
possession of a distinctive slide
guitar style that world renowned
picker Jerry Donahue calls “truly
unique and gratifying.”

VIDEO: See Tiger's video from  
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